Tuesday, February 28, 2012

resolution round-up: February

2 months ago I pledged to keep 12 resolutions in 2012... 
So how have I been doing? (January round up {here})

health: I started taking a Bar Method class - and let me tell you, the soreness I feel after this "ballet barre" inspired class leaves me feeling so sore, it has been an eye-opener that maybe what I have been doing at the gym prior to this wasn't really working out... hmmm
But I have signed up for another 5K, and am working to bettering my previous time of 30 minutes

financial: I am working on having a better balanced budget, and have cut the fat on some of my unnecessary spending ... a big update/challenge will be announced tomorrow
Oh and working on purchasing big ticket items once a month for my upcoming weddings and travel plans (aka stalking deals for plan fare)

February was a great month for meeting new girlfriends and strengthening the bonds with my current Nashville friends. Ty and I had some wonderful date nights (NEEDTOBREATHE concert), and have found a new favorite game for lazy Sundays (Settlers of Catan)

Haven't found a "home" church yet... working on making a better effort to fight my desire to sleep in on Sundays, and in stead get up, participate in some worship, and make Sundays more effective

lifestyle: Broke out the sewing machine a couple of times this month... so far it is winning! But I am determined to spend some more time with it and make some new things for my nieces that will be coming to meet us very soon!

2012 has definitely already been a year of new things and changes
Loving every moment of my Here&Now
Did you make resolutions?
Are you keeping them? Be honest!


  1. yes -- that's usually the way we play. we'll have weeks where we play one or two games every night! there's so much more space on the board with only two people; it's quite different than playing with four.

  2. Thank you lady! I really appreciate it :)

  3. Yes! Great game! Do you two play it alone? We have wanted to try, but not sure how it would work with only 2 people

  4. Thank you - I am still so self conscious when wearing lipstick, but the more I do it, the easier it gets!

  5. you are the bomb dot com. I'm cheering you on! 

  6. good work with your resolutions! I felt the need to say my hubs and I LOVE Settlers of Catan -- best game ever!!

  7. I've actually not been to bad about scratching off some things on my list!  You look so pretty in red lipstick btw!


  8. Sounds like you're doing really well with your resolutions! I didn't make any resolutions  but I am trying to cut back on my spending since well, I don't want to be broke. :) Looking forward to hearing your update tomorrow!

    The Tiny Heart

  9. oh fun! We have only been playing with 3 or more people which means we can't play as often as we would like. Maybe we will have to give it a go this week! xx


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