Saturday, February 18, 2012


Good Morning! I am back here on a Saturday to share a bit about a documentary my dear roommate treated me to on Thursday night (she is in the "music industry" and knows all the coolest things!)

I am very much into music (of all kinds) and am also super spoiled to live in Nashville where every restaurant/bar/hotel has free music nightly (and most of them all throughout the day as well)... and this new music collaboration featured in the documentary "Re:Generation" is like nothing I have seen before (I mean The Doors jamming out with Skrillex was so beyond, it gave me goosebumps!)

The gist is that 5 mainstream electronic DJ's (Skrillex, DJ Premiere, Pretty Lights, The Crystal Method, Marc Ronson) got together with 5 other genres of music (Classic, Country, R&B, Jazz, and Rock) to create a unique and modern "song". I think Mark Ronson best described it as "gumbo", in that each "ingredient" you put into the pot is tangible and unique, but when you mix it all together it takes on a state of its own that is unlike any of the individual elements... interested?

To learn more, you can watch the trailer, or find more information and participating theaters at the official website here


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