Tuesday, February 14, 2012

tango my heart

Happy Valentine's Day!
I am a sucker for holidays, and one of these years am going to get around to actually decorating for them (ha)! But seriously,  I would love to be one of those domestic goddesses that makes those cute felt heart banners from Pinterest and has her lady friends over for pink petit fours... baby steps.
This year Tyler and I are celebrating our love on Saturday to miss all the craziness (and enjoy cheaper wine!), and my girlfriends and I celebrated "Gal"-entine's Day last night by getting together for a good cry and Channing Tatum's rock hard abs in "The Vow"
(bee tee dubs, it was good, and so were his abs!)
Dress {similar}, Jacket {similar}, Necklace {similar} - from boutique I used to work for
Heels - Nine West {exact pair}
Clutch - Vintage {similar}
But last weekend, Ty gave me a present by allowing me to drag him to Tango 101 class! Not really knowing what to wear to Tango, I picked out this fun wrap dress and my go-to black pumps to glide across the dance floor in. I figured I would wear heels during any occasion that would call for a Tango, so I my as well just start there. I paired the Tango dress with my boxy jacket that I recently found during my Winter closet purge... I know boxy jackets are on "trend" for Spring (I know cause I told you), but I think you commenters were right when you said that it maybe isn't the most flattering jacket shape...
who cares, I was having too much fun to notice!
Whether you are hanging with your dog, girlfriends, or significant other today, 
share some love this V-Day!

P.S. I am sending a big thank you out to Jessica over at Flourish for her Ah-Mazing Valentine's Day goodie bag. I opened it early (cause I'm bad like that), but it totally made my blah day so much better when I came home from work to find it, that I couldn't resist! (she is one of those goddesses that I am talking about!)


  1. Tango?  That is so fun and exciting!  Good for you both:)

  2. I love this outfit. :) I love the red heart necklace & your lip stick. If I tried to wear lip stick like that it would be a  mess....  Have fun with Tango dancing, that is such a cute present! :)


  3. Thanks girl! My bf likes to dance (if you count doing the stanky leg as "dancing"), but Tango was way out of his comfort zone. I had to give him the puppy dog eyes to get him to be a good sport and come along, but it was actually lots of fun, regardless of our skillz

  4. Your red heart necklace and red lips are so perfect for Valentine's Day! Tango lessons sound so fun but my hubby does not dance, phooey. Have a wonderful V Day!

    The Tiny Heart


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