Monday, February 27, 2012

frugal fashionista

Wait, you didn't think my love of chambray stopped at button-down tops did you?
Nope, my love extends to dresses, tunics, ties, and other things for my bf 
(who is also totes a chambray believer)!
Dress - Seven for all mankind {similar}
Belt - boutique {similar}
Shoes - J.Crew {similar}

As I stated in my resolutions, I am dedicated to saving more in 2012. Fashion is a passion of mine, but not one that I want to go into the poor house for - all about saving up for what I want! Recently, I have been considering the fact that I am going to be moving out of my currently rental situation soon, and want to have a nice nest egg saved up for what may come my way next. I am a big fan of frugality when possible, and have found five easy ways to save money that I wanted pass along:

1. Make a budget
And stick to it!
2. Unsubscribe from "daily deal" emails 
Do you really need to buy that Groupon for the sushi making class?
3. Eliminate impulse buying 
Make a realistic "wish list", and purchase 1 item per month 
4. Allocate money for saving at the beginning of the month
Use what is left at the end for shopping (from your list)
5. Give yourself an allowance
Withdraw a certain amount of cash per week to be used for everyday purchases. I promise seeing cash disappear from your wallet is harder than simply swiping a plastic card!

Do you have any tips for helping my savings goal?
Is there anything big you are currently saving up for?
Stay strong and fashionable my dears!


  1. I am starting to fall in love with chambray as well.  You look so cute in this dress.  I love reading everything on your blog!! Following you now :)


  2. Aw, this chambray dress is fab, love how you styled it too - the wedges + belt are adorable!! Also, thank you for your sweet comment and congrats on becoming a ModCloth style ambassador too! xo veronika

  3. The best thing hubby and I did to start consistently saving money was to set up an automatic monthly transfer from checking to savings.  Now the money "disappears" and we manage without it just fine.  If it was up to me to manually transfer the money every money, it would never happen.   Good luck with your goals!

  4. Oh girl, you have it bad! But I am in the same boat too - I currently subscribe to three daily deal sites for my town alone! it has got to stop

  5. I love this dress, there is one from Gap I really want right now! 


  6. i really need to unsubsribe from groupon, i get them for 4 cities daily. 4. then i start thinking "oh yeah i'll be back in cincinnati and can use this...."  but i live 8 hours away. it's bad.

    i love your dress - its really cute and flattering!

  7. This outfit is adorable on you! I love the little pop of color with your shoes! I've also had to curb my spending lately and those are some great tips you gave.

    The Tiny Heart


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