Wednesday, March 21, 2012

petite problems

Good Morning. Day 18 of my 30X30 Challenge... only a couple of days behind, and I have only had 1 baby cheating incident... so far so good in my book!
I have a question for you... do you let your skinny jeans "pool" around your ankles, roll them up, or get them tailored to hit at a specific point on your legs?
As a person who measures in under 5' 4", pants rarely have an inseam that is perfect for me. I have accepted this reality, but I am do not currently have a uniform way of dealing with the issue... you would think that by the time I am 24.5 I would have a method for masking my deficit at filing out pants... le sigh
{ J.Crew shirt and flats {similar} / Mint Blank Denim Jeans via ModCloth / Splendid Sweater {very similar, from Forever 21} / Boutique Purse }
Today I am rocking the "two-inches-too-long" is intentional look... if you got it flaunt it... right? right?
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  1. At 4'10", my pants are always too long! Luckily my mom can sew, so I'll have her hem my pants for me.  But if I don't have time to get over there, I'll roll the jeans under till they're the right length. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. I'm pretty short as well - so I either just let them be or roll them a bit - too lazy to take them to get hemmed (and I cannot sew for anything, haha). I love when you wear these pants - they are SO cute! Can't believe you are on day 18 already :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  3. Ex. Actly!!! What if I wear tall shoes!? What am I supposed to do- have two of each pair!? Girl after my own heart!! xx

  4.  As a fellow petite girl, I know exactly what you are talking about!! I usually alternate between scrunching, rolling the edges under like a fake hem, or cuffing them intentionally. Really, I should just get everything hemmed...but what if I want to wear tall shoes?!

  5. I am definitely a roller! (I am only 5'3" so I hear ya!)
    Love the colour of these jeans
    xo Cara

  6. Thanks girl! I haven't been on chictopia in ages and miss seeing your lovely outfits! I need to get back into that xx

  7. very chic vest and striped top!! love teh color of your pants!!

  8. Ah I love this look! I let my skinny jeans just pool gives me more options... :)

  9. Thanks lady! Can't wait to see the rest of your remix!!

  10. Those pants are go great and versatile!  Perfect pic for the remix.


  11. Petite girl club members! Yes I'm glad that rolling jeans is "in". I also remember back in high school with I would cuff my jeans to make capris... With a 10 inch cuff! Haha xx

  12. I am 5'2" so I feel the pain...I typically roll my jeans up a few times or i tuck them in. It all depends on my mood and what shoes I am wearing.


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