Wednesday, March 28, 2012

quick fix

So close to completing my 30X30 Remix Challenge... less than a week to go!
Today is an exercise in how to get ready in 20 minutes!
Tuesday morning I woke up, jumped in the shower, threw my hair into a wet bun, then collected some clothing from my floor (clutch from the night before, jeans from this weekend) and grabbed the rest from my 30X30 section of my closet... applied my minimal make-up (concealer + bronzer + mascara), and ran out the door! Put together in a minute, and I look actually put together. It's a miracle!
{ Urban Outfitters Blazer / J.Crew Blouse / Genetic Denim Skinny Jeans / Hobo Clutch {affordable option} / Nine West Pumps }
How do you hurry your routine on days in which you are running late?
Give me some tips! I am the queen of snooze!


  1. Blazers and mascara are great when you're running late and need to look decent!

  2. hmm... that looks interesting! I'll have to look into it, I'm up for trying anything that will turn me into a morning person!

  3. Love this look! So classy, and that ikat blouse is so cute under the blazer :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  4. Yes me too! I think my life will improve greatly when I can buy this little device though. You should check it out. 

  5. Thank you! Aren't buns magical things!?

  6. I agree! I think I have a "snoozing" problem! I might need one of those alarm clocks that makes me have to get up and chase it to turn it off! Haha xx

  7. Ha-ha yep that sounds like me every morning! I need to get on a better sleeping cycle but its just so freaking hard.  I love this outfit though! That top is awesome. I cant believe your almost done! I feel like I read you were going to start this like last week... you are inspiring me!


  8. I wish I looked this good getting ready in a hurry! I always have to pick out my outfit at night because my brain just does not function well at 7 am :) I usually throw my hair into a ponytail if I'm running really late.

    The Tiny Heart

  9. You look SUPER put together! Buns are my best friend on days when I'm in a hurry. My hair is so long and thick, there's no way I can have it looking presentable in 20 minutes unless I whip it up into a bun. 

    brain, right brain, pug brain.

    P.S. I love your button down!


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