Sunday, March 4, 2012

man repelling is an artform

Cheerio on this lazy Sunday afternoon. 
I just read an article about one of my (our) favorite bloggers and had to share. 
Are you a Man Repeller fan?
For those of you (my parents) who have never heard of this fashion paradigm, I have included the "definition" from The Man Repeller (Leandra) blog:
I think Leandra is so spot on. And apparently I am not alone, since her famous blog (2 Million hits a month!) earned her the Bloglovin' Blogger of the Year award just last month.
 After reading this new write up in Avenue Magazine today, I am even more convinced that this young lady (she is my junior so I can say that) is a true gem, that is not only down to Earth, but incredibly talented. I cannot wait to see what is in her future - wedding dresses, collaborations, and more harem pants!

 Being compared to a timeless fashion icon by a world famous designer... no words!
She is 1 part fashion, 2 parts saucy!
Inspiration for us all - be yourself (and wear fabulous shoes!)

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