Thursday, March 22, 2012

color story: red

I have never been a huge fan of the color red. Despite the fact that I am a die hard Arkansas Razorback fan, red has never entered my repertoire of favored colors. Orange is my favorite color, and since red is his neighbor on the color wheel, you would think that we would be better acquaintances... but no such luck. Until, that is, I started my 30X30 Challenge and fell in love with my red jeggings and red striped tee... now the tables have turned! I am currently seeing red everywhere, and liking it! 
Here is some "old-school pin" (aka magazine tear out) action representing some of my favorite ways to wear red now that it is Spring: silk blouse, maxi dress, cross body bag
via: Cosmopolitan Magazine December 2011 issue
What's your favorite color?
Are you a fan of red? What colors are you craving for Spring?

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  1. i have been obsessed with everything red lately! i love it and it really just looks great no matter what time of year


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