Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm baaaaack!

It's true! I made it to the West Coast & back!
Did you miss me? Pssh, how could you have with all fabulous ladies that filled in for me while I was away. I got to sit back & relax while on vacation thanks to some seriously amazing guest posters.
Can we give another round of applause to: Sarah for showing us a new pin-to-real-life success story, Annie for totally bringing it warm & fuzzy style, Rachel for putting together a perfect sight-seeing outfit + a giveaway! (enter here), Jessica for proving how fun a "Canadian tuxedo" can be & Shelby for rocking florals + leopard like a BOSS!
Please go check them out & pop into their blogs to thank them for all their hard work!

I've gotta say, planning on getting back to work from vacation on a Wednesday is both good & bad... 
Bad because my inbox is FULL & everyone else is already at top speed - no Monday to play catch up!
Good because it is almost the freaking weekend again - thank the Lordy for 3 day work weeks!

While I regain some speed & unpack my hot mess of a house, enjoy these iPhone snaps from my Oregon adventures!
(surely you're following me on Instagram... right!?)

Row 1: flying over the desert // admiring the peaks of the Cascades from the plane // pretty prints I brought with me - the 2 on the right are Rent the Runway
Row 2: Portland is brimming with beautiful rose blooms // old school photo booth at the Ace Hotel // crushing hard on all things PDX
Row 3: photo booths every where - dangerous! // the Ace Hotel spoke to my inner hipster wannabe! // my handsome date for the rehearsal dinner
Row 4: putting together wedding florals // my wedding day look // Ty's sister is married (!!!) - what a seriously stunning bride!
Row 5: the getaway car, Ty's grandfather's classic Chevy // exploring Portland // my 1st Jonathan Adler experience... I almost swooned!
Row 6: blading through Bridgetown // Ty treated me to his personal brewery tour // One of Ty's favorite breweries: Deschutes 
Row 7: baby Christmas tree farm // Silver Falls State Park // we got lots of baby Tyler photos for our wedding slideshow while hanging out at his parents house... I die of cute!

How was your week?
Any favorite Insta snaps from the past week?

P.S. I am thrilled to be participating in some wonderful competitions these days, thank you for all your continued support!

Enter to win my #LiveLikeAMuse prize package here.

Vote for me to represent Wallis Fashion at New York Fashion Week this year here.
(Psst... you can vote once every HOUR!)

Show me some love in the H&M 50 States of Fashion contest here.


  1. I loved all your dresses during your trip...especially that blue one!

  2. I love this post, I just moved to Portland! It really is such a fun city :)

  3. It looks like you had a blast! So happy to see you back here though.

    Chelsea & The City

  4. So many fun pictures! I was super jealous of your rollerblading adventures!

  5. love your wedding day dress!! it looks so pretty with you rhair color.

  6. Welcome Back Jessica. What Fun Awesome Photos. Loving the ones of you & your Man. Also, your short Coral Dress & the Watercolor Purple Dress are both beautiful.

    Supporting you on the H&M contest, too.

    Stop by when you can and like. Ada. =)

  7. Thank you lady! Rent the Runway is my secret ;)

  8. Ooh fun! I had such a fabulous time in your wonderful city! Definitely on the short list of places I could live one day!

  9. I LOVED seeing all of your instagram pics...looks like you guys had an AWESOME time! Welcome back lady...and thanks again for letting me take over for a day :)


    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Wow so cute! Looks like you had an amazing trip!

    xo Dina

    Sweetest Somethings

  11. Looks like a very fun (and glam) trip! love. the. rollerbladers. AH!

    perfectly priya

  12. Portland is so fun! Glad you're back!! Thanks for sharing these pics, I missed a few on IG. Those hydrangeas are stunning! And you and Ty are so adorable together!



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