Sunday, October 25, 2015

J.Crew vs. J.Crew Factory

I am old enough to remember when J.Crew Factory stores were just J.Crew outlets, random shops (on our way to the beach each Summer), where you could buy last year's J.Crew cast offs for way cheaper. The outlet idea eventually morphed into a secondary J.Crew line -  J.Crew Factory - offering similar styles, but made mostly in China (vs. Europe as many of their main-line items are made), so that they could sell them at a lower price. The "Factory" concept must have been super successful, because J.Crew expanded the line, opening up brick & mortar stores across the country, & recently launching online sales.

In the beginning, the Factory selection was pretty hit or miss. The styles were technically similar to full price J.Crew offerings, but they still lagged a season or two behind. However, In the last year, I have seen more & more overlap between what is currently offered in J.Crew & J.Crew Factory. I have J.Crew dreams, on a J.Crew Factory & am often on the prowl for look-alike items. As I was shopping the other day I thought it would be fun to share the pieces that are most similar between the two stores.

Take a peek below, & let me know - what would you want to spend on, & what you would want to save on? I'm personally trying to decide if the full price parka jacket is really that much better than the Factory version.

Blazer: J. Crew $248 // J. Crew Factory $124.50 

Leopard "Chelsea" Boots: J. Crew $318 // J. Crew Factory $105 

Silky Tank: J. Crew $98 // J. Crew Factory $24.50 

Parka Coat:  J. Crew $365  // J. Crew Factory $194.50 

Puffer Vest: J. Crew $120  // J. Crew Factory $68.50 

Ballet Flats: J. Crew $125  // J. Crew Factory $53.50 

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