Friday, September 1, 2017

Colorado Adventures

Summer might be in its waning days, but I haven't finished crossing items off my Summer bucket list & certainly plan on keeping the adventures going well on into Fall.

I might still be working on feeling like Colorado is *home*, but they beauty of this state has totally started to seep into me & I keep discovering new places to explore. I guess I like to hike now, & have found that they best way to travel in the woods is with a backpack.

When looking for a new backpack, I wanted to find something that was unique, high quality & durable - not an easy search! In the process I stumbled upon Waremakers. I love that they offer so many carefully curated + hand-made  items, all stunning & super functional! I too believe in the motto of "fewer, better things" & could easily see so many of these pieces replacing even more of my mass produced, cheaply made bags/organization products. I picked this backpack cutie from Sac Marin - it comes in several colors & sizes too!

How do you thoughtfully add new pieces to your wardrobe? I am so into a minimalistic kick right now & would love any new tips!

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