Friday, October 31, 2014

Murad #BetterEveryDay

Excited to be sharing an update on my Murad skin care journey. I have been religiously using these products for 2 months, & have to say that my roller coaster skin issues are finally evening out!

By "roller coaster" I mean that I often did enjoy clear skin (yay!), but then I would get lazy, & my skin would turn into a grease pit of pimples (that I would shamefully attack with not many other resources at my disposal). I couldn't find anything that was easy to consistently use while giving me the flexible I needed for my lifestyle. Until now.
1. Skin Smoothing Polish 2. Acne Clearing Solution 3. Anti-Aging Moisturizer 4. Daily Cleansing Foam (not pictured, I forgot to take it out of the shower during photoshoot time, I have to always have it close by!)

{Everyday products} This is my go to line up, the products I use in my morning & evening routine. I use the daily cleansing foam everyday (didn't see that one coming did you!?), & mix it up with the skin smoothing polish every couple of days (about 2 times a week). I love how these products leave my skin feeling balanced. My skin trends towards greasier than not, so I am always looking for a grease eliminating, non-drying solution. This is it!
1. Blackhead Remover 2. Pore Refining Sealer (sold as a duo)

{Extra Time on a Week Night} If I have extra time at night after washing my face, I add in these two steps. I would say that my biggest skin complaint is blackheads (the worst decision I ever made was looking in a magnifying mirror! #yuck), & these two products are helping me eliminate the frustrating black dots around my nose & chin. I typically apply these products 2 times a week (during the week & as a Friday night treat). I love how the Step 1 product feels on my skin! (*I dropped the container and cracked the lid, so that crack on the lid is a result of my clumsiness, not the usual state of the product).

{Specialty Products} These are my weekend pampering session products. The things I reach for when I want to address a more specific skin issue. I was a SUPER horrible pimple picker during my teenage years, so thankfully those acne scar discolorations are starting to fade with the Age Spot Serum

I usually go make-up free on the weekends, & like to take this opportunity to get some exfoliation & what I call "skin breathing" time… letting everything return to its natural state! The Transforming Powder is a magical exfoliator that renews my skin to a baby soft state!

And my weekly (usually Saturday afternoon) treat - the Clarifying Mask. Again back to my oil-prone skin, this mask resets everything, setting my skin up for a clear & bright week!
Overall, I love the Murad family of products because of the thoughtfulness they work into everything they put out & the idea that their skin care solutions are 1 part of an overall heathy lifestyle, including clean eating, lots of water & sleep!

Looking to change up your skin care routine?
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  1. I live by Murad products. I've used a few of their face washes for over a year now and I will NOT (ever ever ever) use anything else. Well, maybe I'll try something new but they really are life savers!

  2. I switched up my skin care regime, like usual, once the weather started to dip in temps. I'm happy to say that my skin is used to it again, and my forehead is (mostly) back to normal.

  3. Looks amazing!





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