Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The First Look

Back with Wedding Wednesday programming, this week I'm sharing out our "First Look".

Tyler & I decided to do a "First Look" for several reasons. Mostly because we were just so excited to see each other, & also to fix some of the logistics of the day (the timing of our ceremony with the sunlight meant that the time we could spend taking photos outside after the "I Do's" would be very brief). The biggest reason? We are both BIG criers, & I wanted to get the majority of my tears out with enough time to re-powder my face before walking down the aisle (so vain, I know!)

We elected to read the traditional vows during our ceremony, but wrote personalized messages to each other to read during our First Look. Cue the waterworks. I walked around the clump of trees to see where Tyler was standing and burst into tears. The anticipation of the day, the weight of the moment (FOR-EV-ER), the culmination of millions of tiny details, it all came flowing up & I literally thought my heart would burst with so much love.

After we read our messages to each other & took some time to soak up the silence of just the two of us, I freshened my make-up & we continued on with the majority of the bride & groom portraits. It was so lovely to have this time, just the two of us, before we were tired & hungry. I honestly don't think we would have gotten pictures that captured the excitement we held for our pending union if we didn't do them before the ceremony!

I understand why people would choose to wait until the aisle to see each other. But for us, our vision, our day, the First Look was one of our favorite parts & I am certainly glad that we did it!
Did you have a First Look? Or are you planning one?
It is just a trend? Or a wedding event that is here to stay?
What is your favorite First Look moment?


  1. Oh wow, stunning photos, bride and groom!
    So much love and magic in this post!


  2. Stunning! Congratulations! I have my wedding on my blog too!


  3. Gorgeous photos! You look absolutely stunning- LOVE your dress!
    The Style Storm

    <3, Christina

  4. I love that I'm starting to see so many more couples do a first look. There's something special about the two of you sharing that moment before letting the rest of the world see, and I think it shows in these photos.

  5. These photos are absolutely stunning darling! You are a BEAUTIFUL bride!

  6. you look amazing. We didn't do a first look

  7. Gorgeous photos! I love the idea of doing private vows/letters before the ceremony. In fact, I pitched the idea to my fiance the first time you wrote about it (we already had decided to do a first look for logistical reasons because we have a ridiculously short cocktail hour), and he LOVED the idea too! Thanks for the wedding inspiration :)

  8. These photos are breathtaking...if I could do it all over again I would do a First Look too. I think it's sweet and magical...just the two of you...and your photographer of course!! Ha!

  9. beautiful lady! i think i am definitely doing a first-look due to time constraints!

    ladies in navy

  10. Such beautiful photos! Congrats!


  11. I love that you all did a first look. My fiance and I are going to do a first look. We are getting married at the Church where I grew up and my mom's ashes are and we will do the first look where she is!

  12. i love the idea of a first look! i will definitely be doing one of my own :)

    xx nikki


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