Sunday, October 19, 2014

Teacher Capsule Wardrobe

I have been desiring a more simple wardrobe for a while, but can I just say that this was way harder than I ever expected & I can't pinkie promise that my selections are 100% in stone.

HOWEVER, this is what I have come up with for my Teacher Capsule Wardrobe. These 19 pieces have been the foundation of the outfits I have been wearing to work (teaching 7th graders) since August.

My work style rules:
- no shoulders (cardigans are my best friends)

- skirts/dresses cannot be more than 3 inches above the knee

- all 5 toes cannot be showing at one time (I didn't include shoes in my capsule as I am still figuring out which shoes are comfortable, which ones are for weekends only, and the cheap shoes I regret ever purchasing that are finding their way to the trash)

- "snappy" dressing rules apply. This is not casual, not totally professional. Men must wear slacks & ties. Women must wear polished pants, skirts, dresses with appropriate tops.
1. sheath dress (save//splurge//actual one in my closet) // 2. little black dress (save//splurge//actual one in my closet) // 3. pattered dress (save//splurge//actual one in my closet) // 4. skinny black pants (save//actual one in my closet)

5. puffer vest (save//actual one in my closet) // 6. black blazer (save//splurge) // 7. tan blazer (save//splurge//actual one in my closet) // 8. gingham top (save//splurge)

9. white button down (save//splurge) // 10. patterned button down (save) // 11. chambray shirt (save//splurge//actual one in my closet) // 12. patterned shell (save//super save)

13. blue cardigan (save//actual one in my closet) // 14. black cardigan (save//splurge) // 15. pink cardigan (save//splurge)

16. colorful pencil skirt (save//splurge) // 17. black pencil skirt (save//splurge) // 18. fluted skirt (save//actual one in my closet) // 19. stripe top (save//actual one in my closet)

(all "save" products are under $50!)

Teacher capsule wardrobe outfits so far:

what are your work style rules?

UPDATE: See all of the outfits I photographed from the 1st Teacher Capsule Wardrobe here.


  1. You pick and lot of great items that you can mix and match together

  2. I love seeing other people's capsule wardrobes! I've been doing mine since the beginning of September and it's really made getting dressed easier, not to mention has made me really aware of what I actually wear. I can't wait to see more outfits!

    xo Julie
    Cap and Gown Style

  3. I look forward to seeing how you style all of these items, especially the gingham shirt. I have one but have never considered wearing it to work because I assumed it would be seen as too casual.

  4. love this! such fun colors

    xx nikki


  5. Fun how much your wardrobe looks like mine. I've been teaching for 16 years. You learn how to streamline your wardrobe with age and experience- quality over quantity is my theme. If you can't wear the same piece in at least 3 different ways, it's not worth the purchase.


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