Thursday, November 20, 2014

yearly PSA

{ What I Wore: dress ℅ White Plum // J.Crew scarf (love this season's style) // H&M faux leather jacket (similar, under $100) }

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Apparently I am making this my yearly announcement (the last announcement came in January 2013) - Ladies, your maxi dresses/skirts work just as fabulously for Winter as they do for Summer. Layer up the jackets, scarfs, & hide an extra layer of tights underneath… the maxi truly is a year-round staple!

I could live in this dress (& have before) so my arm definitely does NOT have to be twisted to leave it hanging in my closet even in cooler months (thank you polar plunge!)

What Summer look are you surprised to find works equally well during the Fall/Winter months?


  1. so casual and so stylish! love the long dress with the leather jacket!


  2. Fabulous jacket and scarf! You look so beautiful!

  3. That dress seems so comfortable and soft. Gorgeous look!

    Red Reticule

  4. I love this look! That dress pairs so well with the leather jacket!
    The Style Storm

    <3, Christina

  5. so pretty love that flowy ddress

  6. Well that does it--I have a maxi I was just wondering about wearing in the winter. I'm going to try it. Thanks for the PSA! :)

    Style by Joules

  7. that scarf is gorgeous!

    xx nikki

  8. I love your skirt!


  9. hey sweetheart!

    such a lovely post! love your style and your outfits!

    i think that are outfits look really similar!

    i would love to stay in touch with you! We can also

    cooperate in the near future!

    find me on my blog

  10. Perfect outfit! You look amazing!



  11. I love this maxi! So simple and effortless. And you dressed it up really nicely with the leather biker jacket and leopard scarf. Great outfit.

  12. SO gorgeous, Jess! All my maxi dresses and skirts have a very summery feel to them (like orange tie-dye) so they're in storage. But if I had one like yours I would totally wear it all the time.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  13. I'm really sad that I didn't snag this dress earlier this year. I adore it!

  14. Gorgeous! Love the dress and scarf! I actually bought my first maxi dresses specifically FOR winter. I've gained a bit of weight and can't fit my jeans, and it was getting cooler so I knew I couldn't keep up with my shorts and skirts. Maxi dresses seemed like a great choice to stay warm and not worry about being too tight while I try to drop my weight back down. I'm still figuring out how to pair them in winter, but I think since I don't get out much, that when I do, they will be a huge blessing. haha


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