Sunday, January 11, 2015

Top Ten: Moisturize

When I was in college, I had an irrational fear of putting moisturizers of any kind on my face. I was convinced that lotions/creams were THE reason I had chronic breakouts. With age/experience, I have learned that my combination skin CRAVES moisture, & when it doesn't get the moisture it needs, it creates its own (aka grease… ewwww). So now that I am in the latter half of my 20's, I have a pretty extensive collection of moisturizing agents. Below are the 10 that I use on a daily basis… these are all tried & true cures to Winter dryness, & especially for people with combination skin, they hydrate without leaving your skin feeling clogged down.

What have you found to be the best weapon for warding off icky Winter skin?
Listed in the order that I use them each day:

{1} Bigelow & Co Almond body scrub - This is the best way to energize your shower routine. The scent is awesome, & the scrubbing bits wake up my skin, while also leaving behind moisture.

{2} Before I start doing my make-up, I slather on a healthy dose of the By Terry rose balm. This is one of the more expensive items on my daily list, but it really does earn its price tag!

{3} A new duo in my beauty cabinet is this recently released product from Murad. The Youth Builder white clay body cleanser is the perfect everyday body wash, specifically formulated to hydrate & protect the youthfulness of your skin. The AHA hand cream is stashed in my desk at work. The formula hydrates better than anything else I have used, sinking deeply & quickly into my hands.

{4} The base of my face routine is the Murad age-diffusion serum. Soft scent, perfect texture, primes my skin for makeup.

{5} After serum, I apply my daily SPF. I appreciate that this Murad SPF 30 formula soaks in quickly, & there is nothing greasy/oily about it.

{6} I can't be the only one that gets depressed by the translucent color of my skin during Winter months. Adding a little color to my skin boosts my spirits, & I love the light scent + added firming benefits of the Jergens Natural Glow lotion. I apply after my shower, & let it "air dry" while I am putting on my makeup. This gradual tanner has been voted as best scent several years in a row - no nasty fake tan smell!

{7} Burt's Bees Lemon Button Cuticle Cream - This is a product that I apply RELIGIOUSLY! On a recent family trip to Disney World, I was about to run out & an emergency Target run was in order. I have long struggled with picking at my cuticles. It drives me crazy to see them scraggly, & this is the only thing I have found that works to cure my cuticle obsession, while not leaving my hands a greasy mess. I apply this product throughout the day, probably 2-3 times from the mid-morning until I leave work.

{8} After removing my make-up after work, I apply the Murad hydro-dynamic face cream. This is a thicker moisturizer, to provide 8 hours of hydration to protect my skin through the night. I like to also apply it to my neck & chest.

{9} Right before bed, my hands get the Rituals Miracle Scrub treatment. This sugar scrub is seriously a miracle - it helps with the icky cuticle situation (see #7), & also leaves my hands feeling soft + moisturized all night. You will become addicted!

{10} Once in bed, I SLATHER my lips with classic Vaseline. If my nose is feeling irritated, that skin also gets a thick layer. This is the biggest thing I have done to keep my lips from cracking during the Winter months. I wake up each morning with a little bit still on my lips, & the hubby says I have the softest lips (although I'm not sure who's he is comparing them…)

So that is my moisturizing routine. What's yours?


  1. My old fave was Clinique Moisture Surge Extra which is almost a gel and seemed like it almost "plumped" my skin making it seem smoother and firmer. Since I've been trying to move to more natural personal care products, I use a Tarte BB Cream in the mornings which is pretty moisturizing, and at night, I'm a big fan of Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream which also happens to smell fantastic.

  2. Oh, and as for the shower scrub, I make my own! I mix olive oil and sugar to make a scrub, and I scent it with essential oils. I tried coconut oil once, but it gets too hard in the cold shower.

  3. I use the classic vaseline on my nose but never my lips. So going to try it out.

  4. I love that cuticle cream! Plus is smells ah-mazing!

  5. i love good ol vaseline! can't beat it!

    xx nikki


  6. Burt Bees & Vaseline are definitely go-tos for me.


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