Tuesday, March 29, 2016

empties & re-fills

It is time for the changing of the guard in my beauty cabinet & I wanted to share the products that I have recently used up & those that I just re-filled. 9 of these products are ones that I LOVE & #10 is one that I'm dying to try. Check out my go-to products, and let everyone know in the comments what you have been loving in your beauty routine now that Spring is here (for most of us!)

1. Jergens Natural Glow (+firming) lotion - I use this lotion every few days to keep my Summer glow going without having to fry my skin, & have actually been using it since February, so that when it was time to bare my legs, I wouldn't blind strangers with my ghostly white stems! I recently ran out of my current stock & will definitely be re-ordering! Pros: light scent (not the usual self-tanner smell), builds over time, also a really great lotion.

2. Murad time release Acne Cleanser - really the whole "Anti-Aging Acne" line from Murad is amazing, & after using it consistently for the past year, I really can't remember the last time I had a pimple + my skin has never felt healthier! I was a little surprised that it has zero lather, but I use it with my Clarisonic & it feels very refreshing.

3. Davines Hair refresher "dry cleansing mist" - Ok, I use a LOT of dry shampoo (anything for those extra 15 minutes of sleep!) & actually have different products for different days of my non-hair washing routine. This is my light dry shampoo (see #4 below for the big guns). It really is what the name implies - a nice refresher for your hair after a day or so of going dirty. As a brunette, I have to be weary of dry shampoo turning my hair grey, & this one goes on with very little color, and absorbs immediately. The scent is pretty incredible too. 

4. Klorane dry shampoo - this is my heavy-duty dry shampoo, for days when I have some serious grease to contend with! It is much thicker than the Davines product above, & as such soaks up any grime that I'm dealing with (my hair gets pretty oily by day 2). This is also a great product for giving my hair "hold" if I'm trying to rock an up-do or bun. 

5. Essie "madmoiselle" - I don't know if I have ever used a nail polish bottle all the way to the bottom, but I have been applying this shade to my nails weekly for many months now, & it has finally run dry! I love this color (the perfect light pink), but am actually looking for a new light pink - any suggestions??

6. Vaseline Lip Therapy "rose lip" lip balm tin - I actually can't remember who gave me the tip (if it's you, holler at me so you can get your much deserved credit), but several years ago I was dealing with some scary chapped Winter lips, & they suggested slathering on Vaseline every night before bed. I now have a huge tub beside my bed, & smaller tins in every bag/desk that I frequent! After seeing these adorable tins, I just couldn't help but add to my collection. The "rosy lips" has a great smell & gives a nice pink tint!

7. It Cosmetics "Vitality Brightening Anti-Aging Face Disk" - I fell in LOVE with It Cosmetics last year at the Southern Blog Society conference & have been almost exclusively using their products in my daily-routine. My favorites include the Bye-Bye under eye concealer &
Bye-Bye pores pressed finishing powder, but the top dog in my make-up bag (like, stranded on a deserted island can only have 1 product item) is the "Vitality Brightening Disk". It is a bronzer/blush/highligher all contained in 1 slim compact, & the colors are so flattering! I totally re-ordered this before I ran all the way out because I couldn't stand the thought of going without it, for even 1 day!

8. Murad active radiance serum -  from the Murad "Environmental Shield" line, this serum is my go-to during Summer months, but I have actually been using it all year. Along with the eye lift firming treatment and hydro-dynamic moisturizer, Murad calls this trio their "model off duty look" - & I agree that these three products make me look rested, dewey & fresh!

9. St. Ives Nourish & Soothe - I love & trust the St. Ives brand to make products that not only fit my needs, but also fit into my lifestyle. This lotion is divine - super moisturizing, without being too thick, absorbs quickly, & smells great! I use their spray lotion during Summer months, but as I am trying to get rid of my Winter alligator skin, this is the perfect formulation for right now!

10. A want to try: The Pixi "GLOW" tonic has been getting rave reviews & with packaging that cute, I don't think my will power will last much longer! Have you tried it?

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