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This weekend why don't you :: rock a little gingham!

I always feel a little Dorothy (a la Wizard of Oz), but I can't get enough of this print! I just picked up an oversized button down & peplum cami in blue + white gingham.

{what you might have missed on Here&Now} - it's been a while since my last round up, so there are a lot of new posts!

{1.} I have added a few new purses to my wardrobe for Spring & realized that 4 of them are on sale (yay!) - check out this post for full details

{2.} Dreading the swim suit shopping trip? I just discovered Kortni Jeane and am in love with their flattering cuts & mix/match styles. See the new suit I picked out here

{3.} During this early Spring season I have been absolutely living in dresses & here are 6 dress outfits to prove it:

- Bringing back that huge flower necklace from a few years ago? You betcha I am! (outfit)

- The "swing" dress shape is one of my favorites & this one has all the right details.

- Pantone named blush pink + baby blue the colors of the year for 2016 & I finally found a combo of those shades that felt "me" (outfit)

- When I think of March, I think of Kelly Green (St. Patrick's Day, new grass, blooming trees!), so this dress is my March dress, an ode to green!

- Transitional dressing is the name of the game lately (for all of you who just got snow, my deepest sympathies, & I have no clue how you do it!) - this shirtdress strikes the perfect blend of "it's getting warmer", but "it isn't summer yet baby"

- Who doesn't need a pink party dress? Yup, put this cutie on your wishlist! (outfit

{4.} I've also been getting dressed for work lately too (go me). This teacher outfit includes one of my favorite brands for work wear & I'm also styling one of my go-to teacher pieces, the midi skirt, in this look.

{5.} Spring time means it's high time to bust on the floral prints! I found this amazing floral print trench that was featured in this month's bloggers who budget post & am dying to style this floral tank top a gazillion ways when the weather heats up to stay.

{posts I'm loving around the internets}

{1.} In case you haven't heard, Nashville is having a serious MOMENT! On any given weekend, the majority of people I run into are tourists, & most people look at me like a rare bird when I share that I've been here for a whopping 7 years! The most asked question I get from readers is "I'm coming to visit Nashville, what should I do/see/eat?"… so this "Welcome to Nashville" video totally made me giggle. Whether you are a "local" or just wanting to visit soon, give it a peep.

{2.} The 2nd most asked question I get from readers is about blogging tips. Unfortunately, I feel woefully unqualified to answer those questions, as my whole blogging career is based on super detailed Google searches. However, I am great at finding tips from other bloggers! Jessica of My Style Vita just shared her 5 favorite sites for blog tips, & I would like to 2nd the vote for The Fox & She - in fact, she just shared an awesome resource about growing your Pinterest following that was super helpful.

{3.} Last week I went on an epic pants shopping trip where I tried on ~15 pairs of work pants (I blacked out lost count somewhere after 13), & while I found two pairs that I will be reviewing on the blog next month (the Banana Republic "Logan" trousers & Ann Taylor "Ann" classic fit trousers were my two favorites), I also love the clothing reviews that Franish does. I know us humans aren't all the same size, & her thoughts are always super on point & honest. Everyone say it with me now - The struggle to find work pants is REAL!

{4.} As someone who deals with anxiety, it was refreshing to see Kendi open up about her own experiences. It definitely helps me to get some me time, doing something to get my mind off of the overwhelming anxiety when it hits. 

{5.} I seriously want to like overnight oats - especially after seeing these 3 simple recipes - but I can't get over eating them cold. Any tips about how you heat them up? I tried microwaving the mason jar, & it literally exploded in the process. #MessicaJessica

{6.} I have been tackling some Spring cleaning (AKA pre-moving de-cluttering/deep cleaning) & this Spring Cleaning Check List is mega-helpful! 

{7.} Trend I'm watching: cropped flares. Is this going to be a thing that makes it to the mainstream? I mean, even Blair looks pretty awkward & circus-y rocking these, so there's no way that I could make this look non-costumey… right!? 

{what I'm shopping now}

{1.} FASHIONABLE is a local Nashville business that should totally be on your radar! Even if you just haven't checked them out in a while, a return visit is due! A little bit about their story (more here) - FASHIONABLE employs women, creating jobs that pay fair wages, to provide a way out of property for these artisans in Ethiopia, & surrounding African communities. 

FASHIONABLE just came out with new Spring products including the "Meles" leather handbag, "Tadesse" bucket bag & their gorgeously classic "Mamuye" leather tote is now available in a yummy pewter shade. Don't forget you can get your leather goods personalized & they have the best selection of scarves + dainty jewelry too!

{2.} I know that I have been talking about more quality over quantity, but the one place that gets me every time is Old Navy! I posted about my favorites from their Spring New Arrivals, but since then I have purchased 2 of their peplum tank tops + this slip dress & it is LOVE! 

{3.} I have been doing clothing reviews on Snapchat (find me by adding username: jesshereandnow), & my last round included 3 new arrivals from Chicwish - this blush pink dress (you have to see the gorgeous back straps!), a floral maxi skirt & this white top with fun ruffle details.

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