Friday, April 8, 2016


I remember being in Middle School circa 1995 & convinced that I was going to be a flower child when I grew up, as if that was an actual thing that you could grow up to be. My clothing wish list items included head scarves, flare (like mega flare) leg jeans, & anything with a peace sign on it. I also remember my parents being endlessly amused by my 70's obsession & I totally didn't get why.

Now that I am a teacher of Middle School aged children, I'm in on the joke. They are obsessed with the 90s, & while I realize it was 20 years ago, it still seems like yesterday to me, & when I think back to 90's fashion, it was SO BAD! How were Hammer pants EVER a good idea?!?!

At the same time, I am nostalgic for the styles of my youth, especially the ones that I admired on the stylish women around me. Thankfully, the current 90's inspired styles are the best of what the decade had to offer, including my personal fave - the comeback of safari ready items, decked out in straight khaki, that always brings the jet set style of classic Michael Kors to mind. Elle named "urban safari" one of the runway to real world styles to look out for in this season's pieces. Gotta say, yet again I'm totes on board with this vintage throw-back, especially with flattering pieces like this tan, button front dress!

Here&Now: name plate necklace
Here&Now: safari button front dress

dress: borrowed from Soca Nashville (to order call 615-732-0990)

shoes: older DSW mules (I love this style of shoe - shop similar below, including some steals from Target!)

purse: older from Pour La Victoire (they sadly aren't selling purses anymore), but the Tiny Tote from Dagne Dover is similar & I love how functional it is!

necklace: custom name plate c/o T. Audrey

sunglasses: Ray Ban aviators

Here&Now: staple accessories
Here&Now: safari inspired 90s button front dress
Here&Now: Soca Boutique Nashville Tennessee

This dress is from a local Nashville boutique, Soca. I popped into their Green Hills boutique last month, & drooled over all of their unique pieces - from funky kimonos, sparkly jewels, & statement tees, & even some of my favorite staples like striped tops & flattering denim. If you are a local, go check them out!!

I have gotten so much use out of these peep-toe booties. Shop similar styles now:

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