Monday, April 11, 2016

oh, it's vintage

Sorry for talking about it ALL the time, but my whole life is basically focused on some aspect of our upcoming move this Summer, & let me just say that there is A LOT to focus on - finding jobs, selling furniture, figuring out how to fit all of our belongings into a Pod (any tips on that would be greatly appreciated!), & doing all the Nashville things with our friends before we leave! I've been spending time this past weekend making some serious decisions in my closet - when we are paying so much to move, I want to make sure that everything that comes with us is solidly in the LOVE category, & if it isn't, even just a little bit below complete LOVE, then it has to go (stay tuned for a Postmark sale soon)!

All of the items in this outfit have officially made the cut - especially this polka dot skirt, that is one of my favorite pieces to wear! From time to time I take my clothes to Clothes Mentor (like a Plato's Closet for adults), & while they were inventorying my pieces, I browsed the racks & this skirt called out to me! It is vintage Calvin Klein & fits me perfectly - AKA the fashion equivalent of the the heavens opening up & the angels singing. Nothing like taking in a pile of clothes & walking out with a magical skirt. That is a win in my book!

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skirt: vintage Calvin Klein (found at my local Clothes Mentor) - just spotted this super similar style at J.Crew that is now 30% off, making it under $80!

jacket: classic Gap denim jacket

necklaces: vintage bead necklaces - shop similar from Bauble Bar.

earrings: floral earrings purchased last year via Rocksbox - this similar floral earring style is currently available at J.Crew Factory (& only $13!)

shoes: cognac heels purchased via a gift card from Kohl's

Shop these exact pieces:

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  1. This is such a cute outfit and looks like my spring/summer uniform. Nothing beats a great jean jacket/skirt combo!

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