Saturday, March 15, 2014

weekend reading: 03.15.14

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This weekend why don't you :: re-think chambray! 
Pair it in a new way, knot it, or try a lighter shade! 

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{3.} So fun - my first clothing swap event! 

{4.} Life lately + a recap from my San Francisco trip. 

{5.} My gym bag secret

{posts I'm loving around the internets}
{1.} To change or not to change - that is the burning last name question

{2.} Maybe your S.O. can relate: what it's like to date a blogger

{3.} A classy way to wear green this St. Patrick's Day. 

{4.} Turn into a shopping pro

{5.} I love seeing how other bloggers got to wear they are. Learn about Caitlin Moran's career path here (Editor at Glitter Guide & Blogger at Style Within Reach). 


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