Saturday, March 22, 2014

weekend reading: 03.22.14

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This weekend why don't you :: wear some florals (bonus points for fun print mixing!)

{what you might have missed on Here&Now}
{1.} Have you heard yet? It's Spring (sarcasm, every blogger is totes talking about it!) My Spring style for under $75. 

{2.} Easy style… going for that, "I just threw this on" look. 

{3.} My new position as a Nordstrom Rack Ambassador (!!!) 

{4.} A touch of boho

{5.} Interested in seeing how real Nashvillians dress? I just joined the Nashville Style Collective. Come meet the rest of the stylish members

{posts I'm loving around the internets}
{1.} The pros & cons of blogging - a great way of looking at this new "industry" 

{2.} Why this blogger didn't attend college (I was/am/always will be so college-centric, I've honestly never thought about it like this!

{3.} New Instagram accounts to follow. 

{4.} Do you suffer from lack of disclosure

{5.} Easy peasy media kit guide


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