Monday, May 12, 2014

Wedding Planner: to hire, or to not?

Hey guys, as you all know, I decided to forgo the professional wedding planner & did it all myself. Were there times that I wish I could have sold a kidney for some help from the pros? Sure. But now that it is all said & done, I don't think I would have changed a thing. That being said, I did sit down and have a lovely chat with a local Nashville wedding planner. Tiffani had some great insight into how a wedding planner can not only save you on stress, but on the overall budget too. Tiffani was so friendly & knowledgeable, I just had to have her share her perspective from the professionals in today's blog post. If you are a Nashville bride, I highly recommend the services of Tiffani & her team (Creative Designs & Events).

As a professional wedding planner, I've only attended a couple of weddings as a guest. I know the importance of having professional wedding vendors at an event. I attended a wedding & here was my experience. 
After waiting more than 10 minutes for the wedding to begin, it took everything I had not to get up and see what was going on and get everyone lined up. As I sat there having to fight back the urge, my friend was praying that I didn’t get up. I am a very impatient person, I hate to wait and I think it is very rude to make people wait. Finally at 3:35pm, thirty minutes after the wedding was to begin, it finally began. As the wedding party walked down the aisle, I found myself saying, “Smile!” , “Drop your flowers.”, “Walk together…”, Why is the ring bearer coming down now!”, and much more.

My friend who is unmarried could not understand all of the details that were going wrong and making me crazy! After the ceremony, The bride had no idea that the majority of her guests left after waiting over 30 minutes in a crowded lobby, with no food or drink, as the ceremony area was being flipped. Finally at 5:10pm, someone announced we could move into the cocktail area. “What?! We are not going into the reception? Why weren’t we in the cocktail hour this whole time?!” So after we waited in line for hor’douves for another 20 minutes, while I think, “Why isn’t this a double-sided buffet?”. Mind you, there are about 200 guest in attendance. We finally got our food, at 6:00pm they open the doors to the reception, where there was another buffet line that had formed…also not doubled-sided. After eating our hor’d ouves, we left, my friend and I could not take it any longer. As we walked to our car, the bridal party was still outside taking pictures.

After leaving I thought that it could have ran more smoothly if the bride had hired a professional wedding planner and not tried to have friends and family handle her wedding details. Family and friends do not know the proper wedding etiquette or how to coordinate a wedding efficiently.
Having a professional wedding planner that knows what they are doing will cut down on lots of problems or issues that may occur. A wedding planner knows the ins and outs of planning a wedding, it's what they do for a living, they know exactly what each vendors services are and how they can help you. I would love to see every bride in Nashville with a wedding planner, no matter what your budget is, there is a wedding planner for you.

Enjoy your wedding day and the time to spend with your family and friends, hire a professional wedding planner even if it’s for just the Day of the wedding, you will not regret it!



  1. this is definitely good to know! xo


  2. Sounds like some people are very disorganized... People who can never make it on time anywhere should not handle their own wedding planning lol I did my own and it was very very on time.


  3. Jessica's wedding was easy and sweet and that was because of all the very detailed planning she put into it for the year prior to the big event. She also had an awesome Maid of Honor that was really on top of the whole event. It was lovely!

  4. In retrospect I wish I had!! My wedding was small. I can handle it I said. And I did; but at what cost? I rushed around the entire day and there was no relaxing with friends who had flown in just to see me because of it. I still don't know if I'd have wanted to spend the money but I do know the value in it now even for "really small" weddings!!!

  5. I had a day-of wedding planner, and I'm so so so happy that I did!

  6. Reading this post definitely makes me see the value in having a wedding planner. There are certain things I'd like to take care of myself, like decorations and such but having someone to help on the big day sounds like a huge help. Thanks for the great info!
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  7. Oh my gosh, so many details that I would definitely never be able to think of! A planner sounds like it would be a life-saver!

  8. I was a little nervous to click on this, expecting the answer to be "to not". As a future wedding planner, I'm a bit relieved to see both in the post and comments that it IS something women realize can be important. :) And I personally would love to work with women with lower budgets. I think that's a great opportunity to pull out the DIYs and make it even more special. EVERY woman deserves a well planned and stress-free wedding, no matter the budget. :)


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