Friday, August 15, 2014

dirty hands

Ok, I have learned my lesson. Working around children is dirty, regardless of your intentions. I swear, I simply walk close to a 7th grader & my clothes instantly have mysterious stains on them. I loved wearing this outfit to work, but not only were my feet crying by the end of the day, this whole thing is now bound for the dry cleaners. Back to the drawing board for finding my teacher style!
{ What I Wore to teach: J.Crew Factory silk blouse // skirt ℅ Lulu's // earrings ℅ Admiral Row // ShoeMint pumps // Coach purse ℅ Dillard's Green Hills }

all photos | Alyssa Torrech Photography
See how I also wore this feminine skirt for a date night look

Does your work have unforeseen style challenges? Anyone else working with kids & have tips on how to keep your clothes smudge proof!?


  1. What are you teaching now?! This outfit is beautiful, but yes, I can see how it would get dirty around kids! My tip (from my teaching days) is lots of easily washed dark colors!


  2. Aww that's too bad. Save your high heels and nice fabrics for the weekend, I guess! Also, you look all bronzed and glowy!!

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  3. you look so tan and glowing! new makeup or great vacation?

    also I love this outfit and now wish I had a pink skirt like that. so pretty!

  4. As a science teacher, dark colors and cotton (Target tees FTW!) are my BFFs. They either hide the stains or are make the stains easier to get out. Especially when I'm on the floor with my high schoolers putting models together or doing chem labs. In terms of shoes, I teach in ballet flats or Chuck Taylors (low-top natch). I have worn heels to teach in approximately 5 times. And most of them are during final exams when I sit all.damn.day. Your outfit is freaking adorable and you could totally pull that look for Open House or Parent Teacher Conferences, but I admire your high heel gumption in the classroom. ;)

  5. love the skirt! and the shoes -- though i agree, would be tough to pull off a day on your feet in those :)

  6. You look gorgeous, but I see your point! I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate short summer dresses when I have to continuously bend down with my new little one... trying not to flash the whole world may require some fashion changes :)


  7. This is a gorgeous look! I agree with Ashley -- darker colors would be perfect for the classroom. I have the same 'rule' for when I'm at home with my kids :)

  8. Gorgeous outfit. I run into the same problem for my job (I'm a nanny- forget about wearing anything you don't want dirty!). I'm looking forward to seeing how you deal with the problem since I find myself just wearing jeans and a tshirt every day.

  9. gorgeous skirt! :) probably best saved for the un-children-times! you look so tan, also!

    ladies in navy

  10. I love this look! So pretty. The color of that skirt is stunning! Too bad middle school kids are dirty haha thats crazy that you have to dry clean everything now! Found your blog on mix & match fashion. You have the cutest style!!


  11. Oh gd, I could never wear heels to work! Even wedges are pushing it for me and I wear flats every single day.... but, girl you look HOT ;) I personally stick with easy pieces that look polished but still comfy so I can move in. Maybe a dress with stretch or a blazer that's a knit so it's not structured and I can move in it...


  12. My first year teaching I wore heels. After teaching all day and coaching basketball all night my feet wanted to kill me. I have since realized there are plenty of beautiful flats out there to be worn!

  13. Love this teacher look! Those earrings add the perfect pop of fun and color! xo Andrea
    Boho Bunnie

  14. I often find random pen marks on myself. Or other random stains since I work with car dealers! Sorry about your shoes killing you, wedges are my new loves since they still give height but are much more comfy! :-)


  15. Lovely skirt Miss!




  16. I love the colour of this skirt!

  17. Such a beautiful look! Those earrings and that skirt are AMAZING! I love how you paired this outfit with a grey pump! Such a classic look:)


  18. Nice outfit!

    xo Jo


  19. I'm not currently a teacher. I have my degree, I've student taught, I've observed, and I've taught in a Pre-K. My advice is: Wear things you can wash at home! Dry clean only items need to be saved for specific occasions (maybe parent-teacher conferences, times when you're being observed by a supervisor, or else other events not related to teaching). :) For shoes, I've found that wedges and flats work the best for me. Wedges give me the look and feel of heels, but much more support. I wore flats on days I knew I'd be up and down a lot (whether up and down stairs, up and down on the floor, etc.). Enjoy!

  20. that skirt is gorgeous!



  21. One time I came home with gum on the front of my pants. How does that even happen????

  22. its great love the pink skirt

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