Friday, May 1, 2015

1 year baby!

Well folks, we have survived the first year as Mr. and Mrs.

It is funny how when you get engaged, everyone comes out of the woodwork to share about how happy you will be, telling stories of their fairytale marriages, waxing poetically about how beautiful love can truly be.

After the wedding, suddenly all of the, "but you know it is going to be a LOT of work" people begin to circle (ugh, those people!). 

And you know what, our experience of marriage IS work, but we wouldn't rather be working harder at any thing else.

Tyler & I are extremely similar, but somehow very opposite at exactly the same time. While I am still trying to get him to read about my Love Language, one year of wedded bliss has taught me that he speaks the "actions speak louder than words" love language, while I speak the "I need personalized compliments every 5 minutes" love language (that reference is around the 2:30 mark in the linked video - hilar!). We certainly don't have it all figured out (how boring would that be) & I am so excited I have this human to study for the rest of my days!
My 1 year of advice (so take it with a huge grain of salt):
- Communicate. About everything! Getting to know someone at this level is just fun. We still play the question game (we try to think up as many questions as we can - about anything and everything - going back & forth until we can't think of any more!)

- Talk about your past 1 time, get it all out, and then move on. Enough said - you are creating a new life together after all!

- Make a budget. For us, sharing all of our finances works, but we still have a budget so that everyone feels like they are equally contributing, & also equally reaping the rewards.

- Carve out time for each other sans phones/computers/TVs. We have spent too many nights on the same couch but not actually hanging out. It is nice to unplug!

- Enjoy each other's hobbies, while also letting some things be just for you. Tyler and I have been pretty successful about merging our lives, without totally losing our sense of self. We do stuff together, but have our own plans as well. It is fun to spend separate time, because then you have more to look forward to when you come back together. 

- Enjoy the moment, but don't be afraid to dream big. Ty & I love our life in Nashville - our 2 pugs, the tiny apartment, our favorite restaurants, & even our itty-bitty salaries. It is where we are NOW. But we also have a healthy love of painting what our future will look like together. New city? Kids? More pugs? A house? Who knows!
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This outfit is a mix of what I wore for our two engagement sessions last year: Part 1 // Part 2
How do you cultivate your relationship?
What are your deal breakers when it comes to a partner?

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