Thursday, May 28, 2015

wedding ruffle

Another wedding went into the record books this past weekend. My good friend got married here in Nashville, & my recipe for wedding guest success is below:

1. Humidity protection. The Living Proof "No Frizz Styling Spray" is worth its weight in gold. We have had some very rainy days here lately, & my curls stayed frizz free without being oily & slicked down. 

2. Dancing dress. I love this dress from Entourage! All of their clothing is super affordable & their new Summer arrivals are on fleek!

3. Lawn friendly heels. While the wedding was in a church, I knew I needed some all terrain heels for the garden reception. I love my Steve Madden nude heels, & with the help of the SoleMate heel protectors, they become resistant to sinking into grass. Of if you are a clumsy city gal like myself, they protect you from ripping your leather heels on city grates too! Check out how seamlessly they blend into your heels in the photos below.

What are your wedding guest survival secrets?

Stay tuned for a giveaway for this necklace + earring set tomorrow!

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