Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: top 10

As the end of the year nears, it is certainly a time to reflect on what has been & revel at what might be ahead. Tyler & I will be headed out to the woods to ring in the New Year, as we have for the last several years. It is such a wonderful way to reset & mindfully prepare for the fresh year ahead. This is also another way in which my 22 year old self that moved to Nashville 6 years would roll her eyes at me - funny how I used to crave crowds, late nights, & getting a little wild. We certainly plan to have some wild late nights at the cabin, but will be burning the midnight oil fueling our love of board games & dancing in the kitchen in our socks, & maybe just 1 or 2 shots of Fireball.

As I look back on 2015, I am thankful that I seem to be finding balance in my life… & in my wardrobe too. This year brought with it some of my favorite wardrobe additions & I wanted to share with you the top 10. These are all firmly in the I-should-go-ahead-and-buy-another-one-now because I love them so much! 

1. J.Crew Factory striped boatneck tee: I adore this shirt - the perfect weight of the fabric, the slightly boatneck, & the just right length. I actually do own two of these - I purchased one in XS & another in size S. I love both, but think that if I were to get a third (I'm considering it!), it would be a size Small, as it is slightly more of a tunic style. I literally wear this top with everything, & it is such a perfect piece to take on vacation because it is easily paired to create many different outfits. See all the ways I've worn this top on the blog here.

2. J.Crew Factory black & white striped button down (currently sold out in the striped pattern, but I'm hopeful the willy bring it back soon!): This was a piece I spotted & purchased on a whim, but it soon became a much loved top! I wore it here with a tweed skirt, & then again with jeans here. It has also been worn many times with my ripped black jeans (#5 on this list), & I always just feel good wearing it!

3. J.Crew Factory long white shirt: When I first purchased this shirt, I wanted to send it back, mostly because it was slightly out of my comfort zone. However, this has certainly become one of my favorite work shirts, I love dressing it up with scarves, bold jewelry, or just wearing it belted as I did in this outfit shown below. This was one of the times when going for something a little different really paid off (Yes, I am such a wild person that buying a slightly longer white shirt is my idea of living dangerously - watch out world!)

4. Michael Kors cross body bag: Well technically this was a gift (thanks mom!), but it is one of my favorite bags ever! The features I love the most: the chain strap, the perfect orangey/red color, & the padded pocket inside for electronics - that is the exact right size for taking my Kindle out with me (I love having it to read when an available moment pops up).

5. This year I discovered ripped jeans, finally shutting the running guilt trip of my mother out of my head ("I can't believe you are buying jeans with HOLES in them…"). My beloved pair of ASOS ripped black jeans (more styles on sale here) finds its way to the #5 position, but a solid runner up is the pair of  DL1961 ripped white jeans I picked up in 2015 as well. So why buy jeans with rips in them? 1. I think they are comfortable, it actually feels nice to have the wind on your knees! 2. But, I also think it just adds something extra to my outfits. I mean look at the great match up between the Lilly top & ripped white jeans below! See all the ways I've worn my black ripped jeans on the blog here & my white ripped jeans here. 

6. Chicwish black & white striped skirt: Another surprising favorite, although I shouldn't be too surprised as it is a mash up of two of my favorite things: stripes + midi skirts. See all 3 ways I've worn this skirt on the blog here.

7. J.Crew Factory Winnie pants: Ok, in full admission, I purchased my first pair of Winnie pants before this year, but in 2015 I did add another black pair, & a pair of navy (the navy ones are going to have their own special feature next week). These pants are glorified pajama bottoms that I'm allowed to wear to work, it's incredible! To me, these are the epitome of the Audrey Hepburn cropped black pants & they literally GO WITH EVERYTHING! See all the ways I've worn my Winnie pants over the years here.

8. Steve Madden black heels: This is one shoe shape that I know will be in my closet for as long as I am wearing heels. I have had the nude version for several years now (see all the ways I've worn them on the blog) & don't know what took me so long to get their black counterparts. Note - I am on my 3rd pair of this shoe style & every single one has fit me slightly different. This is definitely a pair to go into the store to purchase. I got my last pair at Dillard's & it was a great experience. 

9. Hunter boots: I just gushed about my Hunter boots in yesterday's post, but these are truly a hero piece in my closet. I wear these bad boys at least once a week to walk the dogs, or on my way to work in the rain. Maybe not the most glamourous piece I own, but one that I appreciate so very much when I need them!

10. Nisolo sandals: These shoes defined most of my summer outfits (see all the ways I've worn them on the blog here). Not only do I adore the Nisolo brand & what they are doing for conscious consumerism (more on their story here), but these sandals are pure perfection. Perfect color, perfect little ankle strap & perfectly comfortable (tested by a weekend of heavy walking in San Francisco). 

These are my 10 most loved pieces added in 2015. What were the major workhorses in your closet this year?

I'll be back on the 1st to share a 2015 wrap up post, but in the mean time, be sure to follow along on Instagram & Snapchat (username "jesshereandnow") for our weekend adventures in the woods with pugs & friends! Happy New Year!

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