Friday, January 1, 2016

top & not top moments of 2015

For the 3rd year in a row, I have published less posts this year than the year before; however, 2015 was probably my favorite year of content! Finally getting into the swing of things after 5 years I suppose!

By the traffic numbers, the most popular posts in 2015 were the Summer Capsule round-up post & the 4 outfit posts below. I like that all of these posts were more than just outfits, each sharing something about my own style journey!

{1} Talking about the difference between style and shopping + setting intentions for my blog moving forward. Full post here.

{2} After logging 1.5 years of teaching, I'm starting to figure out what pieces work for my teacher style. This post highlighted 10 of my hard working #teacherstyle basics. Full post here.

{3} I love this combo & so did you! See the full plaid + sequin look here

{4} This was such a fun summer look! I adore this dress from Shabby Apple & like that I was able to pair it with my collection of Summer cognac accessories. Full post here

In addition to the posts that drove the most traffic, there are also some posts that are close to my heart, outfits that particularly speak to my personal style or mark a milestone in my blogging journey. Check out these posts below the picture.

{1} When I started blogging the classic DvF dress was my dream article of clothing. I finally saved up some blogging money & treated myself to my very own DvF wrap dress this year & it is exactly the things dreams are made of! Full post here

{2} When people ask me to define my style, I have a hard time putting it into words, but I think moving forward, I'm just going to show them this outfit. This is the most quintessentially me as it gets. Full post here

{3} I love this feminine moment, & looking back at the photos, it reminds me of Spring 2015, which was just such a happy time in my life. The flowers are bursting open & that smile is 100% genuine! Full post here

{4} Again, this outfit just feels very me - nothing complicated, just some of my most loved pieces living together in harmony. Still to this day, this pair of Old Navy jeans is the best fitting pair I have ever owned - they died this year in a freak zipper accident & I have yet to replace them (still in denial!) Full post here

{5} STRIPES! This is my favorite print - hands down, no questions, not one doubt in my mind - & I couldn't contain my love to just one outfit from 2015. In fact here are 8 ways I wore my favorite print in 2015! To check out the full blog posts click on the corresponding number from the photo collage below: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6  // 7 // 8

While there were definitely many fun highlights in 2015, there were also some outfits that just didn't work. It is definitely eye-opening to look back at these posts & realize that for most of them, the reason I don't like them is because I just wasn't feeling comfortable in my own skin. For me, there is a direct correlation between the clothes I wear & how I feel & it can be hard to hide my discomfort even in these edited pretty pictures.

{1} While I really loved doing the Teacher Capsule Wardrobe posts, this was actually a very challenging time for me & my face shows it in this photo. Commenters on this post mentioned that I was looking a little lean & in fact, stress had caused me to lose close to 15 pounds. Around this time last year I was super struggling with my decision to become a teacher, my work-life balance was a joke, & if I had time to eat AND shower in the course of 24 hours, it was a miracle. Full post here.

{2} I loved each of these pieces on their own, but for some reason, the combo just felt forced. Full post here

{3} Summer break - that magical 2 month period that every teacher dreams of from August to May each year. Coming off of a challenging first year of teaching, I also had a challenging summer. I was torn between feeling guilty for relaxing while simultaneously feeling guilty for working. I was itching to do something, & just didn't know how to turn it all off. Too much free time is not good for my mental health, & when I look at the photos from this shoot, that is all I see. Full post here. 

{4} The one area of my style journey that is still in the works are "transitional" outfits - especially polished weekend looks. I still get carded to buy lotto tickets (which you only have to be 18 to purchase), & I want to find a way to dress my 28 year old self in more age appropriate looks in the new year. Full post here

{5} This top was the one piece that I showed on the blog & then returned this year. A lot of people commented that they really liked the top, but I felt 100% uncomfortable in it & it just had to go. I hope to do more review posts in 2016 - to help me expand my fashion comfort zone & share some insight with you too! Full post here

Ok, but we can't end the year review on a down note. This year I also had the opportunity to open up a little more about the every day life things that go on behind the outfits. I enjoyed sharing some of my journey of quitting grad school & starting a new career here & then also reflecting on my first year as a teacher here.

2015 was also a year of amazing collaborations! I am still blown away by some of the partnerships I was fortunate enough to forge this year. Some of my favorite brands to collaborate with include Vera Bradley, Kendra Scott, Le Tote, Old Navy, Gap Factory, & Sole Society. I also have many blogger friends that make this whole ride a little more fun & I'm always game for a blogger collab! Read below the collage for my 4 favorite collaboration moments of 2015.

{1} Vera Bradley is a brand I truly believe in. They have some of THE NICEST people working there, & I am seriously blown away by the direction their brand has taken recently. This pink bowler bag was definitely a highlight of 2015 - full post here

{2} I had been looking for a way to work with some of my favorite Nashville bloggers this year & our Kendra Scott lookbook shoot was just so much fun! I am thankful for Emily & Caroline for going along with my crazy idea - full post here

{3} I say it in every post, but our Bloggers Who Budget collaboration is one of my favorite posts each month. We have been going strong for YEARS & you can check out all of our posts together here

{4} Another brand I have been working with for years is Le Tote! Last year (2014) I got to visit their HQ in San Francisco & I am happy to have gotten to work with them many times in 2015 as well. This clutch found me via Le Tote, & it is love! See all of my work with Le Tote here

What were your highlights in 2015? Any requests from Here&Now in the new year? Please share in the comments! Happy New Year!

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