Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

On my recent trip to Portland to visit my husband's neck of the woods, I vowed to keep my packing reasonable. My usual packing strategy? Throw stuff into the bag until it is full. How this usually ends up? Me arriving at the destination & then feeling like I have nothing appropriate to wear!

So this time, I planned ahead (radical thought!). I was mindful of each piece, & how they would work together. I knew that for our 7 day visit I had to be ready to be dressed for many different occasions - a day trip to Seattle, trekking around Mt. Hood, visiting the Oregon Coast, beer tasting in Bend, & casual evenings at home with my in-laws. 

Instead of throwing in random pieces, I pulled some of my favorite items from my closet (chambray shirt, white jeans, punch of color swing dress) & started making outfits - jotting the different combinations down on a post-it note (I like to make lists, and lists of my lists). For the 7 day trip, I wanted to have options, & ending up with 12 potential outfits felt right for me. The pieces that just didn't go with many other things, went back into the closet, & the ones that had high remix-ability went into the bag. I wasn't going for over the top fashion-statement making outfits, but focused on packing just what I needed, & eliminating the stress of WHAT TO WEAR when I arrived - it is supposed to be vacation after all!

You can check out what I put together for my Portland Packing Capsule, & see all of the outfits below (I'm sure there are still more combinations that I didn't even document, but these are the ones that I ended up wearing). 

For the 7 day trip I packed 10 foundation pieces (tops, bottoms, dresses) + 3 bags + 3 pairs of shoes + accessories. Everything fit into a carry-on rolling bag, & I carried the large leather tote bag with the red cross body bag inside as my other personal carryon item. 
Summer Capsule Wardrobe, Nashville style blogger, packing tips

Summer Capsule Wardrobe, Nashville style blogger, packing tips

Stay tuned for a breakdown of some of these looks & shop all of the capsule pieces below (most of the J.Crew & Old Navy pieces are on sale now!):

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