Wednesday, July 22, 2015

15 reasons why bloggers make the best friends

Ok this is a bit of a tongue in cheek post, poking just a little bit of fun at what is coming to be the "blogger culture", but I totally do all these things too & I am so happy to have places like the Southern Blog Society Conference to let my inner blogger run wild & free!

Interested in learning more about what a blogging conference entails? Check out this SBS Con recap post! If you are interested in joining the Southern Blog Society (not going to just be limited to only Southern bloggers for long, as they are taking the society NATIONAL soon!), get more info about signing up here (be sure to tell them I sent ya!)

Looking to add a blogger to your squad? These are the 15 reasons why bloggers make the best friends:

1. We know how to rock a selfie stick!
2. We have mastered the knee pop
3. We are skilled at the art of piling your clutches on the table to free up hands for more important things, like sipping cocktails!

4. We smile even during causal conversation - you never know when a camera could be lurking! (Josh & Blair are naturals!)
5. We are here to remind you that cute cocktail napkins must be photographed!
6. No eating before the meal has been properly Instagrammed! If a meal is served & not 'grammed, did it even happen? Probably NOT!
7. We love a good caption - even better if it is on a giant marquee! 
8. We know how to make a grand entrance!
9. Two words: Girl. Boss. (Cathy & Jessica, founders of the SBS!)
10. We love getting nerdy with fashion industry insiders (Reps from Kendra Scott, The Real Real & Lilly Pulitzer!)
11. "Swag" is our middle name & "party favors" is in there somewhere too!
12. Our head is on a swivel for potential outfit photo spots!
13. We allow Snapchatting at the dinner table (thank you Katie for my tutorial!)
14. We all got the memo about wearing prints to dinner.
15. We will order color coordinating beers just for the photo opportunity!

But seriously, blogging is pretty dang fun & I am so thankful to have met my blogger squad besties: Katie, Shelby & Julie… although we have recently adopted Josh too!

Why do you blog? Anyone else rolling with blogger friends?

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