Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Like to Know it: Why & How

Ok, I know that the monitization of blogs can be a touchy subject & the monitization of Instagram & other social media channels is even more of a scandalous topic, but I wanted to take this post to explain more about WHY I use these services & HOW you can use them too!

First up, this blog is truly a hobby blog. While I plan on writing a full post outlining my blog intentions in the next few days, in short what this means to me is that blogging is something I do in addition to my full time job (7th grade Science teacher) & I don't currently/nor expect to ever make boo-coo bucks off of Here&Now.

However, one of the fun things about blogging is getting to share my outfits, introduce you to new pieces that I'm loving in my wardrobe & to also get inspired by you/other bloggers/strangers on Instagram. One service that I was honestly very hesitant about using at first was Like To Know It. When bloggers started using it on Instagram, I felt like suddenly instead of being "hey, look at this cool thing that I got, this is how I styled it", everything was "BUY THIS. Buy THAT. Buy. Buy. Buy" - um, no thanks!

So I didn't sign up, I didn't use it, I didn't talk about it. But lots of people did, & I saw it around A LOT, eventually getting curious to explore it myself. This just last month, I finally signed up for my own Like To Know It account, & HAVE BEEN LOVING IT (I even shocked myself at this realization, because usually I can get pretty crotchety & not like things just because).
Why using Like To Know It for bloggers
How the Instagram images show up in the Like To Know It email - with clickable pictures!

WHY I use Like To Know It:
1. I am a creepy weirdo & I like to know where other people are shopping & what they are getting, but I don't like putting a lot of effort into stalking down this information. 

2. I enjoy that at the end of each day, my "liked" Instagrams that were Like To Know It compatible get delivered straight to my inbox, no strings attached. I can scroll through, decide to shop (or not), & get my creep-quota filled.
Engaging on Instagram, Like to Know it instructions
3. I like to being able to share my outfit pieces with you easily, & on whatever platform works best for you. If I use Like To Know It on an Instagram/social media post, it is to share the exact (or very very similar) items with you & I do make a small commission if you choose to eventually click on those products & shop them (if you just like the photo & have the links sent to your email, I earn nothing). 

HOW you can use Like To Know It:
1. Go to http://liketoknow.it & sign up for an account

2. In the upper right hand corner, click on the Menu and then select "Settings"
Instructions for using Like To Know It

3. Change your settings so that you get the emails once per day (this is the most manageable style for me, but if you are an instant gratification person, you can chose ASAP), then Save your changes

4. When you like a photo on Instagram that is Like To Know It enabled, you will receive the details of that post in your inbox, with pictures of each item that you can click on & shop.

5. You are not signing up to purchase anything. You are not required to shop. You are not required to click on any of the links.

As always, if you ever have feedback about how I can make Here&Now a better place for you or how I can better interact with you on social media, let me know!

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