Wednesday, August 5, 2015

should it stay or should it go?

This shirt was SO FREAKING cute on the J.Crew Factory website. However, I didn't need another striped shirt, so I didn't purchase it at first, & instead it went to live on my wish list. I figured it would eventually go away from the website, thus tempting me no longer. But when it continued to stick around, I decided I would try it.

Talk about a fashion FAIL. This shirt could not be any less flattering on my body. I look like a line-backer, & after looking at my face in these photos, I am still just confused as to what was actually happening.

What I thought would be a cute going out with friends look, turned into the most terrible thing I have worn in years. But in order for others to learn from my mistakes, I present you the most unflattering shirt ever:
Those sleeves deserve their own zip code!
jeans: J.Crew Factory (current sale alert ::: get $25 off every pair of jeans!)
heels: Steve Madden
leopard clutch: Clare V
necklace: thrifted/vintage

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I wanted to like it, I really did. I planned this outfit, and wanted to snap it with my photographer before actually wearing it out & thank goodness I did. This shirt went back to live at the J.Crew Factory store… best of luck to the next person that falls for it!
What piece have you fallen for & had your heart broken over recently?
Thoughts on this shirt?? You don't have to sugar coat it!

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