Friday, August 7, 2015

Reflections: Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Ok, I know that capsule wardrobes have had a lot of buzz lately, so I wanted to share with you my honest review of my recent foray into capsule wardrobing. I chose to pack "capsule" style for my Summer trip to Oregon, limiting myself to a core of foundational pieces & minimal accessories. See my shopping list here & learn more each outfit here.
Here&Now: Summer Capsule Wardrobe
Here&Now: Summer Capsule Wardrobe Pros and Cons


  • I didn't have to stress about "what to wear", I had a clear idea of what I had planned for each of our scheduled activities
  • I fell like I started with a pretty manageable number of core pieces, but was pleasantly surprised with the number of outfits I was able to come up with. When you are limited in options, you get creative!
  • To me the outfits started to get redundant, but luckily, when you are out and about, no one else knows that you have worn the same shirt 3 days in a row - it's pretty liberating!


  • I didn't really plan outfits for down time - memo to self: pack relaxation clothes next time!
  • They don't call me "messica Jessica" for no reason - I traveled in my chambray shirt & got a stain on it before I even landed in Oregon (classic) - luckily I was staying with my in-laws, so doing laundry was possible. If you are mess prone this might be something to consider if you plan on re-wearing your items over several days.
  • There can be a bit of burn out. The key is to try to not wear super similar outfits 2 days in a row. Space it out, plan ahead.

Outfits (I kept this list on my iPhone to reference what I had worn, & the outfits I had created when I originally packed my suitcase)
1. Black polka dot shorts + chambray top + MK red crossbody + cons
2. Black polka dot shorts + black racerback tank + black heels + jean jacket

3. White jeans + striped button down + converse + red MK bag 
4. White jeans + striped button down (knotted) + black wedges + leopard clutch + Panama hat
5. White jeans + gray tee + brown belt + brown sandals + brown tote + aviators
6. White jeans + chambray top + Red Cross body + cons

7. Blue and white dress + blue sweater + brown sandals + brown belt + brown tote
8. Blue and white dress + black wedges + Panama hat + MK crossbody

9. Orange dress + black wedges + coach wristlet + Panama hat
10. Orange dress + brown sandals + brown belt + jean jacket

11. Orange dress + white cons + brown tote 
12. Blue & white dress + chambray shirt (knotted) + converse + MK bag 

If you have any questions about my capsule wardrobe experience, shoot them to me in the comments!

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Shop the full Summer Capsule Collection below:

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