Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Balance. A simple word, a lifetime of struggle to find it.

This Summer I had 6 weeks off & the hardest decision I had to make all day was somewhere along the lines of, "do I want to read on the couch with the pugs" or "do I want to read by the pool with a frozen drink?"

But now school is starting back (yesterday was the first day!), & I am nervous about once again trying to find balance between teaching Science to 120 7th graders, being a good wife, a supportive friend, a present daughter, an active blogger, while still maintaining some sort of "me" time.

I have definitely felt a "reinvigoration" of my blog over this Summer & I want to keep that going, but in order to also keep my sanity intact, I want to outline what is going to be happening on this space over the next couple of months. My blogging mission statement of sorts.

I want Here&Now to be a space for people who wear clothes of all ages, body types & budgets to come for real life, day-to-day, style ideas. The clothing that I feature is what I really wear, I do repeat pieces, in fact, I freaking love re-mixing what I already have in my closet into new outfits. You don't have to always buy something new to feel fabulous! But if you are looking to put some oomph into your closet, I highlight affordable, high quality pieces that are versatile & appropriate for many different stages of your life.

My lifestyle means that I wear outfits for my teaching job & my adventures in Nashville. I love partnering with both local Nashville brands & national businesses that vibe with my vision.

My goal is to post 3 times during each week - Monday, Wednesday Friday - & on either Saturday or Sunday with link roundups & the occasional shopping inspiration posts. These will mostly be outfit photos, with the occasional lifestyle/beauty/travel updates thrown in as well.

So here is to year 2 of teaching, year 2 of marriage & year 3.5 of blogging! 

If you didn't get a change to read all of the posts this Summer, below are some of my favorites that have been posted in the last couple of months.

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