Tuesday, August 11, 2015

on the go

My days are packed - up at 5 am, teaching by 7, at work most days until 5-6 pm, then back home to grade, lesson plan, & squeeze in time to see my husband & the pugs. Most days, the first thing to go, is feeding myself! In fact, most mornings I am too frazzled to even think about breakfast.

On the weekends I am happy that my husband often cooks great meals & I can finally recreate that on weekdays too - thanks to the awesome Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches & breakfast bowls. I love getting that weekend taste in weekday time - and making my co-workers jealous with my awesome smelling meals in the mornings!

Thanks to Jimmy Dean, I have more time to get myself ready in the morning, but don't have to sacrifice by missing a meal!

How do you manage to balance your time & healthy eating habits too! Give me all your secrets in the comments!
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I also love these Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls! Not only are they super easy to eat on the go, they also make a perfect post-workout meal (lots of protein!)
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