Friday, August 7, 2015

Signature Style

I LOVE getting mail. In this day & age, sending an email is super easy & quick, but so less fun & personal than sending an actual factual letter! For many years now I have made one of my New Year's Resolutions to send more mail - dropping notes in the post for friends celebrating new life events, birthdays & just "thinking of you" cards. When my friends I were last together (thank you wedding season), it warmed my heart that every single one of my friends commented on how "on the ball" I am with notes… I think my Valentine's Day & Easter mailings really won them over!

I grew up in a family that truly valued human interactions. My dad refused to use the drive through at the bank, & in turn all of the bankers knew (& LOVED) him. Same with the post office & restaurants too. During college, even if I didn't appreciate it at the time (#brat), I received a WEEKLY letter/postcard from my parents. I still have them in a box & it is a perfect time capsule that I will treasure for always.

My Memaw corresponded with my Pops through letters for years while he was serving in WWII & I know my sister and I are dying to one day get our hands on those delicate, yellow pages. From what I can see, my G-Pa was quite the heartthrob with words… swoon!

The art of letter writing might not be as alive as it once was, but it is a tradition that I hold dear. I have a part of my closet dedicated to all of my "snail mail" accouterments - stamps, bows, notes, washi tape - so that I am always prepared for a letter writing moment. In fact, one of my favorite wedding shower gifts was a box of letters, sorted for all occasions throughout the year - everyone sends Halloween cards, riiiight??

So today I am giddy to show you the gorgeous cards that Hallmark is now making as part of their Signature Collection. These are cards that the recipient will certainly remember & probably keep (so no pressure over what you write on the inside, ok?)
Here&Now: Hallmark Signature Style
I gave the one on the left to Scout for her birthday (can you spot the pug??)
And the sprinkles spelling out "HAPPY" just went to my sister-in-law for her birthday!
Here&Now: Hallmark Signature cards
Here&Now: Hallmark Signature cards
Seriously, one of my favorites still remains the one that says "Crap" on the front, and then the inside continues with "sorry everything sucks right now". If I was going through a rough patch, that is just what I would want to hear, no one wants to hear sappy "everything will get better soon" stuff!
Here&Now: Hallmark Signature Birthday cards
Here&Now: Hallmark Signature new cards
If you love sending cards as much as I do, or maybe you want to make it a new goal, enter to win your own Hallmark Signature Style card pack using the Rafflecopter widget below (a random winner will be selected next weekend).

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