Saturday, August 1, 2015

weekend reading: 08.01.15

This weekend why don't you :: get a little prickly! 
I have an outright obsession with cactus print anything lately, and I can't be the only one because adorable cactus print items are popping up everywhere!

{what you might have missed on Here&Now}

{1.} Outfit post: how to wear a sleeveless blazer.

{2.} Conscious Consumerism: fair trade furniture here in Nashville! 

{3.} Reviewing 2 Rent the Runway recents

{4.} Teaming up with 2 Nashville bloggers to show off the new Kendra Scott collection

{5.} Stock up before Labor Day - beach essentials

{posts I'm loving around the internets}

{1.} Running low on inspiration? 30 ideas for blog posts. 

{2.} 8 handbags every woman should own.

{3.} A letter to your future self

{4.} Someone else caught the Old Navy swing dress bug - and is looking fab! 

{5.} Back to school basics that everyone should put on their shopping list! 

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