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When I started blogging I had a complete misunderstanding of how to make my closet work for me. I would stand staring blankly at my (stuffed to the gills) closet every morning, with hangers & hangers of clothes that I just had to have, but again & again failed to put together any outfits I was crazy about. 

I had 100's of outfits pinned on Pinterest. 100's of clothes in my closet. And yet Nothing. To. Wear. Have you been there too?

Soon after, I started sharing my journey towards a curated personal style in October 2011, I stumbled upon Matchbook Magazine's list of 50 closet staples & knew I had found my path towards closet nirvana. 

It clicked: the individually great pieces that I had picked up along the way didn't work because I lacked a fundamental base of "wardrobe staples"

The realization led me to start a "Here&Now Wardrobe Staples" Series - started here. This is for me & all of you out there that have "nothing to wear".

If you want to read from the beginning head here, or read on below for the full course load!

As a part of this series, we will talk about:

The 50 Wardrobe Basics - a versatile closet starts with a strong base. I have thoughtfully culled the 50 articles of clothing/shoes/accessories that do the most for me & my lifestyle. I hope that this can be a springboard for a regular conversation on my blog about how to sort through our urges to buy, buy, buy & instead intentionally add a few items that will be the most useful to building a timeless foundation of style.

Boring No More : Merge wardrobe basics into your own existing pieces // I also add pretty pictures of this in practice to my Pinterest board {here}

Mix it up : When you have a healthy closet of basics, your clothes go farther. See my exercises in mixing during two 30X30 Challenges

The art of the budget :  Follow me on my journey to create & stick to a year long budget in 2013!

Learning how to shop smart : Building a classic wardrobe means staying strong in the face of "fast fashion" 

The crash course to curating the closet of your dreams: 

Find where to purchase these exact wardrobe staple pieces & others at every price point, on my Pinterest "Closet Staple Love" Board & Currently Obsessed Collection { here }

Take a peek into my closet {here}

What are you go-to closet staples? Any things that you are saving up to invest in for your wardrobe?

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