Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Wardrobe "Completers"

So we have been talking about building a "curated closet": shopping for wardrobe staples, cutting out impulse buys, & getting ready to identify closet "holes".

While some people will comment that there is no way that say, khakis should be in their wardrobe staples, I would reply, "don't knock it till you actually try it, on your body, with other decent pieces." You might just be surprised :)

That being said, a closet foundation is going to look slightly different for each woman, depending on her lifestyle choices. But it is with wardrobe "completers" that make your closet YOURS.

And here are my "completers". This is where I add color, personality, and my specific flavor of style.
As you might see, I like button-downs, blazers, a hint of leopard, & A-line skirts.

Along with my 50 wardrobe basics, these 47 items allow me to build & complete a pretty much unlimited number of outfits.

Here & Now: Curated Closet | "Wardrobe Completers"

Having put on my wardrobe basics on day after day, I have compiled a list of what I wished I had to "complete" the look. Whether it was a colorful cardigan, statement piece of jewelry, or chic rainboots for those darn rainy days.

Now I have a wardrobe build around outfit equations that I know I love. Blazers with dresses, button-downs with skirts, my boyfriend jeans dressed up with heels or layered with a leopard coat for Winter.

So now that I've showed you mine, what are you wardrobe "completers"


  1. What a great guide!!

    xo, Nina

  2. Really great guide. Totally agree about the colorful cardigan and skirt being on your "completers" list. dancingwithashley.blogspot.com

  3. This is a great post , clearly I need more shirts hehe.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  4. I love this list! I think it's great for rising college freshman too! Everything you have on the list are essentials for any college student (especially the Hunter rain boots!)


  5. I'd have to agree with these! Especially the blazers :)

  6. I go back to your 50 essential pin all the time, definitely pinning this too! My favorite completer is definitely the colorful blazer. I have a bright pink one that I'm wearing today with a simple white tee and black skinny dress pants. It's so nice to just throw it on and call it a day, I don't even need statement jewelry.

  7. Isn't that bag pretty!? It is the "Cassidy" weekender bag from Sole Society http://ow.ly/lJB3q

  8. I have the same pink skirt!! I actually have it on my blog this week too! Isn't it the best?!

  9. Looks amazing,sweetie!;)

  10. Fantastic list! Can I buy all this in one package?! That'd be easy shopping! Pinning this now...so much pretty!

  11. This is wonderful! Pinning it right now! I want everything you've pictured!
    P.S. -- I think the reason Blogger won't let you make it wider is because it's longer than 2000 pixels long/ in height. Blogger gets weird about that.

  12. Ooh so good to know! Maybe I can fix it & avoid it in the future! At least there is a reason Blogger was being a jerk, makes me feel better :) xx

  13. Love this guide! Thank you for sharing. I need to look at a closet update so I don't struggle so much. Ha!

    Deidre || Love, The Skinnys

  14. LOVE this list...I think I have a lot of these items too! I always use a statement necklace as a completer piece.


  15. I absolutely love all your key pieces! I'm currently in the process of filling the "holes" in my closet with some great staples that I'm able to keep for seasons to come. I've definitely cut down on the impulse buys (I think that's something that partially comes with age and partially comes with having a plan before heading out shopping). I know that if I have an idea of the pieces that I'm looking for on a shopping trip, I'll be less likely to something on impulse that I'll probably regret buying later. Thanks for stopping by mu blog - I love reading yours!

    xo jen

  16. I love your closet series because each presentation looks so darn fun and put together! I seriously get inspired ideas just by looking at your completers! So glam! I'd have to think seriously about mine but one thing I will say we share is "graphic tees", I've always loved those and love dressing them up with something classy, it adds such a twist to an outfit! Brilliant Jessica!

    perfectly priya


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