Saturday, June 29, 2013

weekend reading: 6.29.13

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this weekend why don't you :: try out some camo? (totally a modern neutral!)

{ what you might have missed on Here&Now }
{1.} What to wear for 4th of July.

{2.} The 2nd half of our engagement pictures (I might be biased, but I'm in love with them!)

{3.} NYC trip: Life lessons + what I ate in NYC

{4.} How to wear a statement necklace 6 ways.

{5.} Enter to win fabulous statement jewels from Yuni Kelley.

{ what you might have missed on the internets }
{1.} Do you dress for men, women or yourself?

{2.} Ever wondered what a company's media kit looks like?

{3.} Don't forget to update your blog reading situation before Google Reader goes away July 30th. Why don't you follow Here&Now on Bloglovin'?

{4.} Looking to up your blogging game? Read these creative blogging resources

{5.} In case you couldn't attend Alt NYC yourself. 

{6.} Doesn't get any better than stripes + florals

{7.} A new blog that I am loving... featuring a lady with fabulous fashion & her adorable pup (sooo up my alley!)


  1. Thank you for including my blog post again! I always get a few extra clicks when you do this :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Totally inspired to try camo now :-)


  3. The camo jacket in the third pic is fantastic! I need it!

  4. Ahh I want camo skinnies so badly, but I haven't found any yet that work. The hunt continues...



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