Saturday, June 22, 2013

weekend reading: 6.22.13

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this weekend why don't you :: sport a new accessory? (I'm a little partial to the Panama hat right now!!)

{ what you might have missed on Here&Now }
{1.} I'm currently in NYC right now with my sister, be sure to follow along with our adventures on Instagram (#SeesterTripNYC) & see what I packed here

{2.} It's coming true... a blogging community in Nashville! Learn more about our first event here

{3.} Jean jackets 10 ways 

{4.} stock up on Summer entertaining essentials with the Kroger $50 giftcard giveaway 

{5.} Meet your new favorite blogger & enter to win one of her fabulous jewelry creations! 

{ what you might have missed on the internets }
{1.} I'm sure you have heard the word on the street....Google Reader is on its way out! And with only 2 weeks left, now might be time to move your subscriptions over to another site. Here is a straight forward tutorial for moving on over to Bloglovin'. Of course make sure you follow Here&Now on Bloglovin' too! 

{2.} #Hashtags... on Facebook!?

{3.} Video... on Instagram!? 

{4.} The next shade of lipstick I want & how to wear it.

{5.} Because who doesn't love a closet organization success story?

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