Thursday, December 6, 2012

all about the brows

In 7th grade I was feeling pretty confident about applying make-up, but felt that there was one area of my face that still needed a little sprucing - my eyebrows. I ponied up to my mom's magnification mirror, & when I stepped back 5 minutes later, half of my left brow had disappeared. Upon walking into the kitchen for breakfast that morning, I was welcomed with looks of horror, humor, & confusion from my sister & mom. I clearly remember trying to wear a hat to school that day, & every day after for a couple of months. Ever since that harrowing day, I have done little to tend those unruly caterpillars. Save a single solitary trip to the waxing lady, my brows have remained untouched since 1999 
(it's ok, you can gasp).

When I had a recent make-up consultation, the biggest change I noticed were my filled in brows. Call me na├»ve, but I had never really thought about what I now know are the frames of your face (always thought that brows were pointless... this will change you mind!)

Simply using a brow brush and eye shadow matched to my brow color (Bobbi Brown's "Saddle" for me) has reinvigorated my make-up routine, & I instantly feel more "done"

I am now a filled-in-brow-believer, and these full brow beauties are my role models for luscious face frames (& proof that women of all hair color can rock defined eyebrows)
Camilla Belle // Jennifer Connelly // Brooke Shields // Sienna Miller // Elizabeth Taylor // Michelle Williams // Keira Knightley // Audrey Hepburn

While this isn't a tutorial on how to fill out your own brows (I am horribly ill equipped to dish on that sort of knowledge), it is a PSA that you should check out these lovely ladies' tips and pimp your brows { here & here }

Have you ever had a brow-tasrophe?
Are you a brow-filler-inner? Or naturally blessed with beautiful brows?
Let's chat!

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  1. Oh I'm a big believer in brow filling! They definitely frame your face and make a big difference! Checking out your tutorials now! 

    It’s An Easy Life

  2. 2000 and 2001 (8th and 9th grades) were the years of too far apart eye brows for me. I was also really in to black eyeliner and white eye shadow. Looking back at pictures from that time always induces embarrassment, but we've all got to start somewhere, right?

  3. I do like to fill in my brows but it's not something I do on daily basis (due to lack of time)...only if I'm going out!

    The Tiny Heart  

  4. I have serious brow envy with Camilla Belle. It's just not fair how perfect her brows are! A makeup artist filled me in on brow pencils about a year ago...you're right, they make such a difference!

    AlyssaThe Glossy Life

  5. I am definitely a brow-filler-inner.  My brows are naturally dark and thick but I like the look of a full eyebrow, if that makes sense.

  6. I've always filled mine in with powder or brow cream and use clear gel to keep them in place- it's a must! 

  7. oh girl! filling in my brows are the thing i make sure i do every day!! been doing it for YEARS!

  8. Jessica! wow!  mega eyebrows on Audrey? i'd never notice those brows of hers before, like that?  when i was a teen [many years ago] my brows were hideously full.  they bothered me and made me insure.  but now they are thinning and thinning and i have to fill them in and i wish now they were those years ago teen brows.  i learned to do brows a few years ago from Carmendy [sp?] on What Not 2 Wear on TLC.  my daughter gave me her book for Mother's day and i follow her suggestions.  worked like a charm.  now my brows are more similar to Seine's or Michelle's above.

  9. Girl, I have enough brows for the two of us. I've never had to fill them. I don't even know how that works! But. I follow the beauty department and they have a Brow 101 post! http://thebeautydepartment.com/2011/07/brows-101/
    XOXO, your newest follower

  10. I have been thinking about this a lot lately! My eyebrows are really light and I tried to fill them in one time and it went horribly wrong! lol I need a good tutorial to help me out.. I'm def. going to check the ones you put here!

  11. I feel like no matter what I do my brows take over my face but I have seen the magic that filling can do for people! I say fill away!

  12. I love a strong brow. I definitely use a pencil sometimes, but I'm lucky enough to have decent brows anyway. Great post!

    <3 Josephinewww.champagnestar.com

  13. I am SO a brow filler-inner. Mine are okay towards my nose, but they kind of disappear at the ends, even though I've never tweezed them there. Just "blessed" with sparse outer edges, I guess. I use the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow too, in Flint! It makes a huuuuuuge difference. Honestly, if I have that on, I can get away with less makeup because it all just looks a bit more complete and "done."

  14. I am a new believer in the brow filling camp. I always thought it was a waste of time. I rue the years I spent looking so unruly, I swear I need half the amount of makeup now that I do brow filling!


  15. Oh girl, up until 8th grade I had a unibrow. We're talking caterpillars. Then I went home over the summer, introduced myself to tweezers, and then DENIED THAT I TOUCHED THEM when we went back for freshman year. Seriously I wasn't fooling anyone. I go back and forth, but right now I'm in a brow fill stage.

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  16. I agree brows are sooooo important!
    I myself am partial to thicker brows as that's what looks the best on me :) 

    xo Ally 


  17. My major brow mistake was trying to groom my brows a day before prom and although my friends didn't say anything, the stares were enough to make me cringe! (I have not meddled with my brows ever since!)

  18. I love that you posted about this! I have totally had come catastrophes with my brows- totally over plucked in middle school, and parts of high school- SO BAD. I love the thicker look. I'm still trying to figure mine out though! haha

  19. Those are some pretty fabulous brows, I must say I had the same attitude as you and have been meaning to get mine done for a long time now! Will have to make the effort :)

    Couture Caddy x

  20. Jessica, I'm seriously impressed that you haven't touched your eyebrows since 1999! You look great with a "full" brow.  I guess I'm rocking the same thing...only because I have those genes on my side, but I don't mind it all that much. It goes with my lifestyle, and trying to fight my full, ethnic brows would be TOO MUCH! Anyway, yours look lovely. I've experimenting with filling in just a little, and it definitely adds definition. I'm looking forward to experimenting with it a little more. Thanks for the tips!

    perfectly priya


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