Tuesday, December 4, 2012

brace face

You lucky ducks - Invisalign is celebrating their 2 Million Smilestone, having effectively straightened two million smiles (& counting!)... & asked me to share my braces story... THAT means throw back pictures of pre-braces Jessica in all of her band nerd glory!
See - lucky. ducks. I have unlocked scanned these gems from the vault (just more proof that I love you)
Top: LEFT at the beginning of my braces journey (circa 2003)... not sure why that photo is so "glamour shots" posey!? // RIGHT the new smile that emerged from behind my metal mouth (2005)
Middle: upper LEFT, 3rd grade snaggle tooth (1994?) // RIGHT 8th grade buck tooth clarinet player (I did rock that clarinet though!) // lower LEFT high school brace face (I was one of the last ones to get braces, you know, after they weren't even cool anymore!)
Bottom: LEFT the very end of my braces story (11th grade) // RIGHT happy to flash those pearly whites!

Back when I was a kid we passed notes instead of text messages, it was Boy not Girl Meets World, our internet was dial-up, AND the only kind of braces were the metal, rubber-band your mouth shut, cut your lips kind. The awesome consolation prize... you got to match your rubber bands to your outfit... Oooooh, not fooling anyone Mr. Orthodontist!

The worst - when the Orthodontist PROMISED me I would get my braces off the day before my Homecoming Court debut.... what actually happened... that was the day my mouth got rubber-banded shut... good joke, point Dr. K! (bottom left picture)

Honestly, I am so appreciative of my parents for footing the bill for my elaborate system of orthodontia that eventually left me with the gift of a wide smile that I am happy to flash 100s of times a day. Would have been nice to sport a set of those swanky clear Invisalign trays, but once again, kids these days have it SOOOOO GOOD!

Did you have a metal mouth growing up? Or were you one of those fortunate souls born with straight teeth & only dreamed of braces by playing with paper clips (other kids did that, right)?

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  1. francesca romana capizziDecember 4, 2012 at 1:23 AM

    I have never worn braces but most of my friend did!
    Don't Call Me Fashion BloggerFacebookBloglovin'

  2. OH.MY.GOODNESS...best pictures ever! How cute are you?! Even in your braces :) Boy meets Girl world was the best world...even if it meant metal braces and crappy rubber bands, haha. I had one that went from one side of my mouth to the other...awesome.

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. it's so interesting! you smile never changes

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  4. Ugh I had braces in high school (the worst!) because I was a late bloomer with losing my baby teeth. I wish I could've used Invisalign at the time, but it's only for certain types of teeth and mine weren't bad enough for them. You still looked so cute with braces though! 

    Life Unsweetened

  5. I definitely had the metal mouth kind too. 8th to 10th grade. The best part was I practically stopped eating because it hurt my mouth, so I lost 15 lbs (not in a good way)...then I was a flat-chested, scrawny metal mouth. Winner.

    Sarah's Real Life

  6. Oh my gosh what I would have done to not have had braces for 5 YEARS!!! Your smile looks great so I guess that whole homecoming scenario was worth it right?! Loved this post. It gave me a chuckle;)! 

  7. haha i never had to wear braces (thankfully) but you are ADORABLE!! 

  8. ugh braces... I would so rather forget! Fortunately you look super cute with your braces!! 

  9. I wore braces in high school too and ran into the same problem with our homecoming. My braces got removed the Monday after my homecoming cour debut! It must be a orthodontic conspiracy... 

    I know folks that use invisalign and are pretty happy with it! Thanks for sharing these fun photos!  

  10. I had the same problem getting my braces removed the Monday after my homecoming court debut. It must be an orthodontic conspiracy... :) 

    The people I know that use invisalign seem pretty happy with it! Thanks for sharing these adorable photos! 

  11. Same for me - I had to have mine super late in high school because my baby teeth REFUSED to fall out! Good to know that I wasn't the only one, and we both pulled through to the other side with pretty smiles to show off for all the awful!

  12. hahaha that's the Jessica I remember!! I had braces in the 7th and part of 8th grade.  Good 'ol Dr. K! Keeping smiles bright and shiny!

  13. Very nice pics. You look soo cute. Have a great day.

  14. Grace @ Wrinkled ChiffonDecember 4, 2012 at 1:55 PM

    Loving your braces post...so cute.  And thanks for sharing all your old pics.  I hope you are enjoying this holiday season!  Glad to have found your blog...looking forward to more posts!  If you get a chance, I
    would love for you to stop by and check out my post on some Christmas
    style and one of my favorite LBDs! Have a great day!

    xo Grace

  15. Ugh... I had braces when I was 18. I went to university as the only girl in a dorm of 500 with braces!


  16. I totally wore braces for 3 years! It was a good time--but NOT really! lol Fun photos!


  17. I didn't get braces until I was an adult. Not fun times, but SOOOOO worth it :D

  18. I think I'm the only kid that BEGGED my parents for invisalign when I was younger!  Now in my 30's I've missed the boat but always long for straight teeth ;D  Yours are PERFECT hun!  Look at that prom pic...classic!

    Also- I’m hosting a d├ęcor-to-dress giveaway where 3 winners
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    Peace. Love. LOL!

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  19. hahaha my favorite part is the awkward hand position in that first picture ;)

    also, HOW AWESOME IS IT THAT BOY MEETS WORLD IS COMING BACK. seriously. ok so its girl meets world BUT STILL.

    im really excited

  20. Even in your braces you look too cute. I never had braces but I wish I had. Love these pictures. It is fun to look back on our younger pictures. Thank you for visiting my blog once again and for the sweet thoughts. Yeah, thank goodness we had my husband's mustang car handy. 


  21. My sis has braces. So In know hw it is! BTW great blog.
    Hw abt following each oda?
    Do lemme noe if u are interested!


  22. LOL, I love your education of "when we were kids" and your amazingly awesome pictures! I had to have braces 3 times (yes, it was beyond traumatic and no, it wasn't because I didn't wear my retainers...long story) Anyway, I'm so jealous of people that can do/have done Invisalign! 


  23. Hahah love these shots! I had braces in middle school... the awkward years.

    xo Ashley


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