Thursday, December 13, 2012

spread thin

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I love blogging, but I have felt lately that I have gotten in too deep.... like trying to wrangle 4 cute puppies all at once 
(too much of a good thing, can sometimes actually not be a good thing)! 

(currently giggling to myself about the Bridesmaids quote, "I think I over committed with 9 puppies, 6 is a good number")

The list of Social Media sites where I have a profile associated with my blog seems to grow by the week. I currently have a presence on:
BloggerTwitterInstagramPinterestFacebookLookSoupCanopiShopStyleCurrently ObsessedTumblrChictopiaPoseBloggers.com

And that seems like WAY too many!
Where are you favorite sites on which to share your media?
Where would you like to see Here&Now content?


  1. Dang! That's a lot of social media sites...a lot of these I've never even heard of! I just stick to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. But I totally relate to blogging and social media taking so much time...sometimes I need to cut back.

    The Tiny Heart 
    Earrings Giveaway! 

  2. Sometimes you just need a break! I usually look for blogs I follow on Bloglovin', Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

    AlyssaThe Glossy Life

  3. Haha, I love Bridesmaids!  That is quite a lot of social media! I usually stick with Blogger/Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. But for Pinterest, I am really just looking for ideas, not necessarily blog related things.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4.  I just stick to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blogger. Which I just got my Instagram a couple of weeks ago.

  5. Wow!  You are on a lot. .  I stick to the basics with instagram, twitter, Facebook, pinterest and my blog!  Not enough time in the day or week to keep up with everything and sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself to do it so I understand.  Love this post :) we all feel it.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  6. Definitely it gets too crazy. I don't really use Tumblr too much or some of the other side sites to me. I just like seeing your stuff here!

  7. I understand completely! I'm constantly feeling like I'm under water!

    xo Ashley

  8. Love The Bridesmaids quote, Jessica.

    I think the important basics are Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


  9. Jessica, I totally feel ya! Sometimes I have even felt overwhelmed with my tiny baby blog. I have been seriously impressed by the amount and variety of your postings! It's obvious that you spend a lot of time keeping your blog going! Just make sure it feels like fun and recreational to you, and not like an obligation or chore, that's the reason you're blogging right :) ? And to answer your question, I only use FB, Pinterest, and Twitter from that list, so I'd be perfectly happy with just those!

    perfectly priya

  10. WOW! I had no idea there were that many site available! I follow you on Blogger and Bloglovin. As well as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I love your style and your stories about your life. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the blogging too, but I'm trying to take it slowly.


  11. That is a lot! I would stick to the main ones.  Blogger/Bloglovin, twitter, facebook and pinterest.  I like instagram too but I don't have a smart phone so It seems kinda pointless to have an account. I'm on Canopi too but I don't really do much with it.  It kind of updates itself.

  12. Totally know what you mean girl! I feel like there are million of sites I need to be a part of. But, it's hard enough just to keep up with my blog. I'm thinking about adding a FB page. But, I've got my hands full with twitter, pinterest, and instagram! lol


  13. That IS a lot! Maybe if you feel overwhelmed you can look at which ones you have the most interaction/clicks from and stick to those? I stick to the basic ones - fb, twitter and instagram. I would be overwhelmed with all of those options!

  14. Facebook, Blogger, BlogLovin, Pinterest and Instagram are the main ones... and what you have going on is definitely too much girlie... Are you trying to get rid of your 'life' outside blogging? lol 

  15. Jessica! good evening! well, i just link to pinterest and yet my link is lame, still trying to fix it [renae at simplesequins] but that is my name there.  i don't link to facebook because they drive me nuts!  i have a facebook account but am tired of it.  so. there ya go on that answer.

    have a restful time away from all those links and enjoy christmas, k?

  16. I honestly just share with Twitter, Facebook and Googe+. I know what you mean! Sometimes I feel like I'm diving deep!

  17. I am just on Twitter, Pinterest and my blog for now. I want to get Facebook going but it doesn't feel urgent. It definitely take a lot of time - if I worked I doubt I'd have the energy for it all. I don't know how all you girls with jobs keep up with it every day! I never could when I worked. 

    As someone housebreaking a single tiny puppy....6 seems insane, hahaha! 

  18. Wow!!! I haven't even heard of Look Soup. I stick to the basics...FB, IG, Pinterest and Twitter. I have taken a step back from all the time I spend with blogging. It can just consume waaaaaay too much time. So, sorry if I have been a little MIA.

  19. I hate that feeling. I am that way as well but ultimately what ends up happening is I neglect one outlet more than the other, b/c I do not have them linked....I unlinked them b/c I felt like there was too much of the same thing on there for those that followed me on all the outlets. I have toned it down and I like it better. 

    XOThe Fashionable ESQhttp://www.thefashionableesq.blogspot.com/


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