Monday, February 11, 2013

hot pink love

{What I Wore: J.Crew tippi sweater // Land's End Canvas sequin skirt // Golden Ponies clutch // ShoeDazzle suede heels }

{ Get the Look }
pink sweater {$39.50} + sequin skirt {$54.99} + leopard clutch {$27.00} + red heels {$39.95, studded & fabulous!)
Wearing my favorite Boutique Onze zodiac "Leo" necklace & Diament Designs "Jessica" necklace
I don't have much to say today, just a few things of note:

1. I am still "Taking One Passing it On" - you loved this sequin skirt from last time, so I enjoyed styling it up for date night with the boy (he liked seeing my stems come out of hibernation too!)

2. My dream is to own a pair of heels in every color of the rainbow. Ty thinks I am crazy, but you can't knock someone's dreams... even if it IS a dream of rainbow heels. So in February, I checked red off the list (yellow too actually... that's to come!)

3. How do you feel about non-holiday sequins? Yay or nay? Maybe February is the last month? Do I have to put them away yet!?

4. Nashville surprising never has any crowd issues at the Target collaboration launches (yay for the little things). I strolled into my local store Sunday afternoon & picked up these Prabal Gurung shoes (meow!) {if this, this, & this magically arrived at my house I wouldn't question it at all}. Favorite collaboration yet!

5. I met up with my blogger friend Jessica again this weekend - seriously how great it this blogging world we are apart of!? I have to say that a blogging friend has become a real-life friend!

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  1. Sounds like a good week. I wish there were more bloggers close to my area. Anyways love the sequins.


    Almost Endearing

  2. this is such a beautiful outfit! perfect for valentine's day. :) loving the red and pink.
    kw, http://www.ladiesinnavy.com

  3. I just shot an outfit wearing a sequin skirt like this too! I don't think its too late to keep wearing these babies out ;) I love the mix of pink and red with it too - so romantic and pretty!

    Enter to win a $40 voucher to InDressMe!
    Trendy Teal

  4. Love this! I think the sequins are definitely yay! And look at YOUR legs - guess you don't need to be too jealous of my summery weather haha :)


  5. You look so lovely in that outfit. And I love your lip color. Thanks for commenting
    on my blog. Actually, I followed you. Would you mind checking my blog again and
    follow me back, too? I'll be glad.

    XX, IamJenniya

  6. Love the pink and red combo! It's such a daring way to go but also one of the hottest, especially for V-day.


  7. I would love a pair of heels in every color too! :) I'm loving your red and pink color combination here. Very romantic and pretty.


  8. You have chosen the perfect colours in this outfit post x


  9. Gorgeous look,love the pop of red


  10. you can always wear sequins as long as you're doing it right. and sequins combined with pink and red for Valentine's indeed is right. I like it a lot. it's bright and fun!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. This skirt is BEYOND fantastic!!

    I can't wait to see all your shoes one day. I think that's a fun goal!


  12. Tasia of Ruffles & SequinsFebruary 11, 2013 at 6:32 AM

    SO cute! Perfection for Valentine's Day :)

  13. That skirt is so perfect with the pink....and I love how you added red heels!

  14. Love the sequins skirt <3 <3 Beautiful outfit honey!

    Latest look: http://rakhshanda-chamberofbeauty.blogspot.in/2013/02/camel-coat-black-accessories.html

  15. i love the skirt! and love it paired with the cozy sweatshirt!! I think you should go for a pair of heels in each color! forlaurenandlauren.blogspot.com

  16. I fully support your rainbow shoe dream. Shoot for the stars!!!

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  17. such a perfect V-day outfit!



  18. I love this combo...and I think we should wear our sequin skirts year round...chambray shirt and sneakers in the springtime?


  19. I need to check out the Prabal Gurung collaboration! I love those heels, and I definitely like sequins for non-holidays - you styled this skirt perfectly :)

  20. I LOVE the Prabal Gurung line and did a post on it yesterday. I'm hitting Target back up today for goodies. I didn't know you were in Nashville. I love Nashville. I'm in Memphis. And I wore neon pink and red yesterday. Great minds think alike?! Love your skirt and the take one pass it on idea! I'm going to try it soon.

  21. This is the cutest Valentine's inspired outfit EVER! I love the pink & red with the gold sequins. and those Target shoes you picked up are fabulous :)


    The Other Side of Gray

  22. What an adorable V Day outfit! I think you can wear sparkle all year round, so don't put away your sequin skirt just yet.

    The Tiny Heart
    Necklace Giveaway!

  23. Love this idea for a Valentine's day look! Pink, red and sparkle! YES I did that for my nails, why not an outfit! Also, I own a rainbow collection of heels... but I can always add more shades of each color ;)

  24. Sweaters and sparkly skirts are a favorite of mine. And your makeup looks flawless here!

  25. I wish I had the patience for nail art, that and stead hands! When my boyfriend found out about my rainbow shoe dream, all he said was, "you aren't getting indigo too are you!?"
    haha - maybe not indigo, but definitely pink!

  26. veeery pretty :)

    independent fashion blog by she.is.the.one

  27. Um yes! Sequins with chambray and sneakers needs to happen, I'm writing that down right now! Thanks lady!

  28. Sequins all year round! This is the perfect way to dress them down a bit to work for regular life.

  29. Very Valentines-y! I love the mix of hot pink, gold, and red!

  30. Love this look! The pink and red are so great with the gold sequins!


  31. A rainbow of shoes?! that'd be awesome. I'd love to see a picture when you achieve it! And it's a girls' dream to have a pair in EVERY color!

    Stopping by from the link up!

    Happy Monday!
    Understated Classics

  32. stopping by from YOLO Mondays. Love the outfit and the necklaces. My son's name is Leo.


  33. I love your skirt... Perfect for any date night... Especially Vday!

  34. Gosh I LOVE this! I am dying over that sequin skirt! Love the color/texture combo! Pinning it now :)

  35. I love the sparkly skirt with the pink sweater. Such a cute outfit and you look beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  36. This would be the perfect v-day date look! Love every SINGLE thing about it. Leopard, sparkles, pink, heels, YES!



    Currently Coveting

  37. Love this look!! Great for Valentine's Day!! I may bring out my sequin skirt! :)


  38. Still love the skirt and you can definitely pull off sequins after the holidays. Keep it going!!


    with a Kick

  39. Wow - this is a gorgeous Valentine's Day look! Love. =)

    Avec Amber

  40. amazing outfit!!! i follow you now ;)

    i would love to follow me back because I really love your blog!! you have great looks

    kisses pretty


  41. I love this date outfit, and sequins are appropriate any time of year!

  42. okay wow. you look unbelievable, jessica!! this is stunning!!

  43. I love this color combination - so festive! Sequins are a year round favorite for me :)

    xx elle [wonderfelle world]

  44. Love this date outfit, you look amazing! That pink is just perfection!

  45. I love this outfit! The color combination is so cute and I think the sequins look great. I love sequins dressed down for casual outfits; I wouldn't put them away yet! :)

    -Mary @ Style That Moves

  46. Wow...lucky you for nabbing those shoes.

    I love how you've styled this. The red is so unexpected.

    Sequins are for every day of the year! Didn't you get the memo?

    Also...don't know how you manage to get such fab photos using your self timer. The one of your face is amazing.




  47. love the sparkles of the skirt paired with the casualness of the top! and all that you mixed it with pinks and reds -- love this! xo


  48. Thank you Suzanne!
    I used to use the self timer, but with my new f/1.4 prime lens, I find that using a remote gives me much crisper photos. I plan to do an update on my photography set up soon, so stay tuned :) xx

  49. I loved this collaboration too! And this skirt is adorable!


  50. I think this is the perfect Valentine's Day outfit...a little pink, red and sequins! And good job at only buying 1 thing from the new Target collection. Those shoes are KILLER! I have my eye on one of the tops, but I'm hoping it goes on sale...


  51. Well if I learned anything from the last Target collab, then I'm sure these will go on sale too! A little bright for my taste, but at sale prices I can be known to get crazy ;) xx

  52. I love the sequin skirt! Definitely think it's ok to wear non-holiday sequins, especially for date nights!

  53. What a pretty look! I debated on purchasing a gold sequins skirt (it was in my hands at the cash register) and thought it was too holiday. I like how you paired it with the pink & red. I don't think it looks holiday at all and it adds an fun interest to the outfit. So I say you can keep it out to use for the rest of the year. I ordered a couple items online instead of going to Target and can't wait to see how it fits!


  54. You look GORGEOUS in this outfit Jessica. I love everything about it. Pretty, girly sweater, fun, sexy skirt, awesome, sexy shoes. You look great as a red-head too.
    By the way, a few months ago I discovered your blog and became hooked. I read every single post and saw all of your outfits. You have delightful style. I even left you some comments along the way and followed you. I don't know if you knew that but I am letting you know.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I support you 100%. I hope you start following me as well. Thanks a lot. Wishing you a Fab Weekend, Ada. =)

  55. I am loving this outfit!! How amazing is that skirt??

    xo Ashley


  56. You are absolutely gorgeous! I love the casual pink sweater mixed with the fancy skirt :)


  57. I feel great about non-holiday sequins, as I love them, therefore I love you skirt! Also love how your lipstick matches your sweater so well :)

  58. Soo many adorable details in this outfit! I absolutely love it. You are inspiring me to break out some hot pink this week (well you and V day I guess). Ha I totally looked up the Prabal line and had a momentary freak-out until I realized, I probably have a few days to make it over there! Love those heels. And the close up pics of you are soo pretty Jessica!

    perfectly priya

  59. I love the sparkle! And those heels are to die for!


  60. I love everything about this outfit! The pinks, reds and sparkles all make for a lovely fun and girly combination! Thanks for the inspiration xo

  61. Great outfit!! Love the red heels & sequins! I wear sequins year round ~ why not?!? :)

  62. omg i'm totally in love with your pink sweater and this beautiful skirt!

    xoxo milla

  63. One of these days, I'm going to convince myself to wear sequins just because. I LOVE the way you styled this! The pink casual top with the red shoes, the leopard bag, all of it :)

    I found you via the Real Girl Style linkup.

  64. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous combination! I'm all for sequins - any occasion, any season. :)

  65. I personally believe that sequins should be worn year round.. and not just for holidays! This outfit is perfect! Love, Love, LOVE! So happy I found your blog through the Real Girl Glam link up :)
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

  66. I loooooove this look! The pink(!) the red(!) the sequins(!!) Never put that baby away. I say wear it proud all.year.long! You look great.

  67. Gorgeous outfit. That skirt is amazing! I host a style link party every Monday and would love for you to join! http://fashionsgreatesthits.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-first-ever-my-style-monday.html


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