Tuesday, February 19, 2013

wardrobe staples: white button down

I understand that every woman has different needs for the go-to pieces in their closet & the wardrobe staples that work for me, might not work for everyone else.

That being said, I think there are a few universal pieces, that if you don't think you need them in your life, then I don't think you know about their potential. 

Case in point : the white button down

Yes, this piece is synonymous with professional attire, but it is SO MUCH MORE!
A white button down is the blank slate of your closet - perfectly paired with pencil skirts, leather leggings, under sheath dresses. Tied, tucked, & layered over or under. This is one piece that can go from work, to date night, to play without even batting an eye.
feminine glam // effortless chic // modern cool // trendy edge // pretty classic // laid-back polished
I wore a white button for the past few days - the same one - and no one even noticed because it is such a chameleon!
I can't wait to share my favorite white-button down looks with you!
Let me know, are you a white button down believer, or do I need to work extra hard on you??
My white button down believers - how do you rock this wardrobe staple?

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  1. I'm with you on the white button down. However I still haven't found one that fits me right. The ones I have tried are either to loose or to tight. So I am still on the look out for my perfect white button down.

  2. I agree. Everyone should have a white button down top. I get so much use out of mine:)


  3. lovely!i totally agree :) great pic choices.

  4. I got a 'boyfriend' white button down from Gap around Christmas and just wore it this past weekend. The whole time I was asking myself why I hadn't worn it earlier. I have a stuffier one for work but this one is much more relaxed and I am so obsessed with it. I am already planning more outfits around it! I would love to see how you've been styling yours!

  5. You can wear a white button down a million different ways! I've been wearing mine a lot lately layered under a sweater.

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  6. I love the white button down, but have not been able to find a replacement for the one i used to own. Any suggestions for your favorite?!? I dont want to spend a ton of money but am willing to invest as it is something that can be worn in a ton of ways! Thanks.

  7. Button downs are a true building block of any good wardrobe. I like the new polka dot variety.


  8. I agree....a white button down is one of those items that EVERYONE needs!
    Brooke @ what2wear, monikabrooke.blogspot.com

  9. This is the perfect staple FOR EVERYONE!

  10. I have a few of these- one is more structured for business purposes, and the other is more for casual, weekend style. A must for every wardrobe!

  11. Both of my white button downs are J.Crew factory -
    I have this silky one http://bit.ly/10PY7rS ($45)
    and this more structured one http://bit.ly/WUoieo ($39.50)

    They fit great, most importantly they stay tucked!
    Happy Shopping

  12. My favorites are J.Crew Factory! I got a silky and structured work one (both in white), and then went back for the same styles in different colors! I am a button down addict!

  13. Total believer , they really are as much as a staple as the LBD and well fitted jeans .

    xo Meg


  14. I love sheer blouses, they're so feminine, pretty and simply perfect for spring and summer! Love your picks!

    xo jen

  15. Would you believe that I didn't own a white button down for the longest time? Usually they're too "stiff" for me, but I found one from Madewell that ended up working perfect with my wardrobe. You're right...it's a total staple!

  16. great post, love the different outfit ideas! I have been looking for the perfect button down for quite some time:)

    xx Kate

    The Style

  17. I love my white button down. I get a lot of use out of it

  18. Love a simple white button down- works with just about anything :)

    Newest follower!



  19. Literally wear this with everything. Alone with skinnies, under a sweater, or card, under t-shirts, with a skirt... all. the. time. amazing what one piece will offer, isn't it?

    xo Nina

  20. I adore the white button down...i just got a new one recently and i love how crisp it is and adds such a light feel to any outfit
    love you blog...want to follow each other?

  21. Love the style inspo! The white button down is such a great piece to have in your back pocket!

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  22. I love white button downs. So many ways to wear them! I wear them with leggings, tucked into skirts or just with jeans.

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