Friday, November 15, 2013

Blogger Spotlight: Venus Trapped in Mars

I hope you love reading the Blogger Spotlight posts, but seriously these are some of my favorite ones to write... so buckle up & enjoy!
Today's lady in the spotlight is Miss Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars. I read 3 posts & knew that Sarah & I were going to be BFFs. I can just see us snort laughing over wine, over-sharing pictures of our dogs, checking out tushes in football pants & noshing on microwavable pizza (if you don't understand, get to know Sarah here).

But for real, if you want to get to get acquainted with Sarah just read some of her posts, she really knows how to pack in the laughs! Some of my favorite posts:     What your workout clothes say about you (seriously, this is so spot on, I am actually embarrassed to say which group I'm in because I ticked all the boxes!)     Things that shouldn't be "things"... if you aren't nodding your head at all of these, we probably aren't friends.     Life is hard... reasons to love each other more.     The guy's guide to women's clothing... share these with your male friends, they will thank you.

And now Sarah's responses to my silly questions:
Shop the Tory Burch duffle here.
Sarah's answers were so fab, that I couldn't capture all the hilarious in one little package... here's the rest of the goods:
Style icon: I get told that I look like Sandra Bullock pretty much every day for the past 10 years. I've since embraced her as my doppelgänger & like to channel her style. From casual to red carpet, she always looks polished,& more importantly, like she'd totally be your BFF. 
if you could trade closets with anyone who would it be: Anyone The Glitter Guide features for their Style at Home section. I swear, those girls all have beautiful taste! I could sit and look at their Pinterest boards for hours. 
Best beauty secret: The Dry Bar. Free champagne & big sexy curls. Win. 

And now that we all have girl crushes on Sarah, she's continuing the coolness by offering up a $40 Sephora gift card... yup, she's a keeper!
(This giveaway is open to any country that Sephora ships to, to see if yours is included, check here).


  1. I love Sarah and her answers were great :) Thank you guys for the giveaway!

  2. love this!! xxo great giveaway, just entered!! :)

  3. I love when bloggers that I love support other bloggers that I love:)

  4. i love sarah and that her fav color is glitter!

  5. Already read most of her posts that you listed as your fav. Hilarious! Also can I just say how much I love that her favorite color combo is glitter? I love reading these blogger spotlights, such a fun way to get to know a new blogger!

    perfectly priya


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