Thursday, December 5, 2013

get your dance on

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. 
I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot to facilitate my review.
No room for a Christmas tree, but we do have a Christmas Aloe plant :)
I love all my holidays, which is why I don't really allow myself to get into the "Christmas Spirit" until after the fat Turkey bird has sang. But come December 1st, you best believe I am breaking out the egg nog, blasting Mariah Carey's Christmas tape (yes, I have it on TAPE) & twirling around my house like a ribbon dancer high on glitter. Now that's the true 25 days of Christmas.

While this is the life I chose, waiting until the start of December to get all of my Christmas joy in does cause some stress. Gotta get the house cleaned for guests, wrap presents, run to the post office, bake up yummy goodies for my neighbors, write cards, & most importantly, embarrass the pugs by dressing them in horrible sweaters. (priorities people!)

While super woman, super homemaker, super anything really, I am not, Pinterest reminded me that I have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé, so I should be getting my boo-tay in gear! And like Queen Bee herself, I do it all with a little help from music.
Am I the only one that makes playlists to motivate me to clean my house, or other chores I would rather put off? On the weekends I like to take an hour, queue up a playlist & do 1 thing each song. Dust to track 1, clean the bathroom vanity for 1 song, bounce around from room to room tackling clutter for the next, & so on. I used to just play the songs on my iPhone, but the volume was never loud enough & I would always lose the darn thing under the mess I was making (everything gets dirtier before it gets clean, amiright!?)
So I've been planning on finding the perfect speaker for my silly playlists for a while - but thank goodness the Soundfreaq Sound Spot found me first, because it is just what I didn't even know I needed. The wood + white design fits in with my home décor, while the crazy easy to use Bluetooth connection plays songs from my iPhone (ready to go right out of the box!), & this little cutie is even louder and with higher sound clarity/quality than I would have expected! No wires, no more moving my phone from room to room.
Now this isn't some fancy schmancy speaker system that is going to play theater quality surround sound, but it is the easiest way I have found to fill my house with music. And better yet, this baby is way under $100, so 1 lucky lad on my Christmas list will be finding one of his own under the tree!

And now because I know you are all dying to use my booty shaking house cleaning trick, here is a playlist to get you started: (I am thankful for many of my friends who introduced me to some of these fun songs!)


  1. Love your Xmas's Stuff!!

    Estamos de aniversario, te animas a participar?

  2. what a chic little stereo! love it. i need one so badly

    ladies in navy

  3. A fun online paper store - Paper Source. Here is the direct link: http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/item/Chevron-Table-Wrapping-Paper/2710_029/519218.html

  4. Thanks!! It's really cute and way better than paper with cartoon reindeer/santas/etc :)

  5. Uh wow, that is the chicest little speaker! You're right, it fits in with the decor so well!! Music (and esp a great playlist) is essential for cleaning, but I've never thought of doing one chore per song! That's a great idea, probably ensures that you are doing the correct amount of dusting, scrubbing, etc. Thanks for the fab life tips, as always!

    perfectly priya

  6. How fun is this? I SO wish I still had my Mariah Carey tape, I'm on my third CD…I just can't quit Mariah:) Loving the speaker, so chic!


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