Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Save or Splurge

I am itching to clean out my entire closet & just start over… ok, I am exaggerating slightly, but has anyone else been there? So to fight off the urge to purge, I sat down last night & really thought about the items that I can't ever see myself spending boo-coo bucks on, & then those magical other items that I am ready to drop some dough on.

For me, I like to save on:
- sunglasses (so I can afford to have them stashed every where!)

- party dresses (because I usually only wear them once… I should work on that!)

- costume jewelry (if it isn't fine jewels, I just can't see myself ever splurging on this for myself… but if the fiancĂ© wants to, who's to stop him?)

- clutches (just fun, nothing serious here)

- ballet flats (I saved up for J.Crew ballet flats a few times, turns out, they aren't any better than my Old Navy ones, live & learn)
 But I have somehow justified spending more on:
- handbags (I only need a few, but I need them to be fabulous!)

- coats (during the Winter this is what I am seen in public wearing 85% of the time)

- jeans (Yes, I like my Old Navy Rockstar jeans, but I love my Citizens of Humanity, & they have held up beautifully over the years, some are going on 6+ years!)

- undies (a good bra makes me feel better about myself, & less bitchy because my boobs are where they should be)

- leather heels (a few good pairs will change your mind)
So what do you like to save on?
And what do you have your hard earned savings earmarked for?
Anyone else fall in the same categorizations as me?



  1. I have the itch to start over my wardrobe, too! I splurged on my purse and I would splurge on jeans if my Old Navy Dreamers weren't as magical as they are. I also splurge on skin care.

  2. I am very similar, although I tend to splurge on sunglasses when I really could easily find similar ones at Target or TJ Maxx! But everything else is similar!

  3. These are great tips Jessica! I definitely love to save on sunglasses (I'm too clumsy to keep the fancy ones nice), party dresses and undies but I'll shell out some serious bucks for handbags, jewelry and sweaters.

    Chelsea & The City

  4. I think out of anything, I'm most likely to splurge on shoes. And, by the way, Clarks ballet flats are highly superior to Old Navy's...yes, they have a heftier pricetag but they have arch support and are comfy and almost indestructible!
    Besides that I tend to go cheap on most things...maybe I will spend more on a good dress because I'll wear dresses for a long time...and the kinds I like aren't usually super cheap... :P

  5. Yes and yes to splurging on coats and jeans. Shoes are also pretty easy for me to justify and (though it's not technically a part of my closet) makeup is such a weakness I literally cannot afford to casually browse through Sephora. Sigh. Only when I have a gift card in hand or need to replace an item do I allow myself to step in that store!

  6. I tend to splurge on makeup, because I reason with myself that the stuff goes into my skin really, so I want it to be good?
    Perpetually Caroline

  7. So I've never splurged on J.Crew flats before, but I've always wondered! Thanks for the tip!!

    perfectly priya

  8. I have a lot of the same rules for myself. I refuse to spend money on flats because I just ruin them anyway. Winter coats and handbags? My wallet cries at the thoughts. In my mind, they're totally worth the money. Ideally they'll last foreverrrr!

  9. I waffle on the things I splurge or save on... except never handbags or blazers. Handbags and blazers I always splurge on! In general I have a few jeans that are cheap and a few that are expensive and the same goes for sweaters and shoes and tops... and on. I like a healthy balance of "oh heck I'll just pick this sweater up for $20" and "oh this sweater at $80 is killing me but it's so amazing".


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