Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 Year Budget: November

For 2013 I am budgeting my clothing allowance based on the entire year. Sound crazy? Read more about it {here}

11/12 through 2013!? And I haven't fallen off the budget wagon yet? It's a frugalista miracle!
After realizing that I had $600 left in my year clothing budget to finish out November & December, I really thought that I would do some damage this month. But I actually had so much more fun shopping for everyone else & that seemed to keep the gimme gimmes away.
Everything that I purchased this month has been on heavy rotation - unfortunately, the weather here has not been cooperating for outfit picture taking, so you will just have to take my word for it.

Purchased: ShoeMint Ankle Strap shoes (used credits) $10 {worn here} // Old Navy fox sweater $19.97 {worn here} // J.Crew factory bow cardigan $68.60 {worn here} // J.Crew Factory baseball tee $24.15 // Forever21 shag vest $28.80 {see a Insta peek here} // Storets sequin leggings $32.40 (now on sale!) {worn here} // J.Crew plaid button down {worn here} $69.99

$253.91 spent - $85.60 (earned on Poshmark) = $168.31 net expense 

- January  $149.94
- February $241.71
- March $245.50
- April $187.37
- May $222.71
- June $405.46
- July $89.98
- August $264.15
- September $428.37
- October $153.49
- November $168.31
-Remaining =  $443.01

Thank goodness for Poshmark - a place where members can sell/trade items from their closet. I am having so much fun cleaning out my wardrobe making it a clean slate for 2014. I list new things every couple of days! If you need a reason to join, enter this code "HNDCJ" for a $5 credit when you sign up. And shop my closet {here}.

Unless I just really loose control in December, looks like I am going to have a clothing allowance surplus. I am already drafting up some "looking back" posts on what this year of spending taught me, so if you have any questions, shoot them my way! I would love to include them in my end of the year reviews!
Gifted: Wallis water color dress {worn here} // Boutique Onze blue dress {worn here} & striped dress {worn here// Leg Wear Loft leg warmers {worn here// Woodzee sunglasses {worn here// PB&J Boutique polka dot jacket {worn here// eShakti chevron skirt {worn here// Front Row Shop sweater {worn here// Skip ‘N Whistle tee {worn here} // Yuni Kelley Necklace {worn here} // Rakani watch {worn here}

How was your November budget? Are you over or under on the year spending? 
Any major purchases planned for December?


  1. Obsessed with so much of this....Sad I didn't end up getting the bow cardi and love those black heels!


  2. I love the black shoes.

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  3. this is an amazing idea!! i think it's great to budget, but never thought to do it this way!

  4. Great finds! I really love the stripe skirt and heels!


  5. What a great idea! I really need to learn how to budget more, i spend way too much as a college student! (Let's not talk about the times I've chosen shoes over a fulfilling grocery trip..haha)


  6. What a wonderful idea. I need to do this starting in January. My husband will be thankful! :)


  7. I love that you broke down your budget, I really REALLY need to start doing that. I recently started on Poshmark and Threadflip too, I am obsessed!


  8. I think I really may make a clothing budget per month in the new year. It's seemed to work out so well for you (also, props for that girl!) Also next year I should have some discretionary money for clothing etc. Honestly I think it probably makes you spend LESS when you have a clear budget, and you're allowing yourself to invest in a few things!

    Also: LOVE the ShoeMint shoes. Seems like you've gotten a lot of wear out of them already, seems like a great staple for you!

    perfectly priya

  9. Great job! You have proven that a new way of looking at budgeting can actually work! Love that bow sweater, I wish I had snagged it.

    Do you have any Poshmark tips? I've had items in my closet forever and I have only sold 2 things. Maybe the stuff I posted isn't great? Or maybe my prices are too high?


  10. Oh wow you are doing so good! Great job! and I love that fox sweater


  11. Oh my gosh you are seriously rocking this whole challenge! I should do something like this for 2014!


  12. I let the bow cardi get away last year, so I wasn't letting it escape twice when I spotted it at the Factory store this month!

  13. Once you start documenting your shopping expenses, it really changes the way you approach spending… best of luck!

  14. Yay! I really like spreading my love of budgeting!

  15. I definitely think that documenting my budget progress makes me more accountable & I ultimately end up spending less. Next year I am going to focus on more investments, now that I have so many of my basics covered.

  16. Thanks lady! I have loved budgeting based on the year. Carrying it into 2014 for sure!

    As far as Poshmark goes, it is ultimately another SOCIAL media site. I took a very hands-off approach when I first started, just listing things and not checking back in on them. And as a result, had very few sales. Now I take a few moments each night to re-share some of my items so that they re-appear in my followers' feed, sharing things that I think my followers will enjoy from other's closets, and engaging with other Poshers through comments & likes. Being social has definitely increased the turnover of my closet, with 4 sales just this past weekend! Oh and people like seeing the items on - so I am slowly trying to find instances of me wearing the items on my blog & adding them to my listings...

  17. I want that Shag/fur vest! Argh now that makes me want to get that fur shawl/scarf from j-crew!


  18. This is such a great idea...love what you are doing here!

    Katie x


  19. This is such a great roundup, I really need to keep track of my purchased -- New Year's Resolution!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina


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